Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Quiz answers


# 1 Cardiff castle

# 2 Ballater. We stayed here when visiting Balmoral.

# 3 The Greek island of Zakynthos or Zante. Great for walking cycling and swimming

# 4 Aspiran a village in the south of France in the Langedoc. Vanessa and I drove down to stay at the house of a French painter.

# 5 Clouds Hill, Dorset – the home of T E Lawrence, the writer (Lawrence of Arabia). Just near here, he met his death on his motor bike. We had a chat with the caretaker who had known him.

# 6 Edrachillies Hotel near Scourie on the west coast of Scotland. Further north in Tongue we stayed with a Mrs Mackay who ran a delightful B&B.

# 7 Brig o’ Turk. I can’t believe no-one got this. I though it was iconic – maybe just in my mind. Bridges have always been special to us.

# 8 Clapham Beck and New Inn in Yorkshire. We used to visit often from our cottage near Skipton. Alan Bennett has a bolt hole there but I was never lucky enough to see the great man.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

How did I miss this? I have been off the computer quite a bit...well, not off the computer so much as off The Net.
But truthfully Pat, I don't think I would have known ANY of them...LOL! I LOVE seeing the pictures though....I feel like I have been on a "special" tour!

Z said...

I should have asked the Sage - he'd have known Ballater. My mother was a great fan of TEL, she'd have known that one. I've never visited any of those places except Dorset and Yorkshire. I think I'd better stick to history!

PI said...

Naomi: I'm glad you liked the pictures. As a quiz it's been a bit of damp squib:) I had great hopes of the Scots. I know how a headmaster must feel when his best pupils didn't make it to Oxbridge.

Susie Vereker said...

An interesting quiz, but difficult if you don't know Scotland. I was more confident about Greece, France and Skipton!

PI said...

Z: never mind;you played the game-as someone once said.

Susie: it's not meant to be easy but next time I'll try to make it a little less obscure:)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I still don't know which one was Wales. Rats.

PI said...

Hoss: Cardiff Castle # 1 was in Wales but there is so much more to that land than can be shown in a single postcard. Dylan Thomas's 'Under Milk Wood' gives you a flavour.

Anonymous said...

I missed this!
Have I failed you, Pat? If I had I would have got exactly nil - my best shots would have been:
#1 - no idea
#2 - somewhere in Scotland
#3 - somewhere in Greece
#4 - no idea
#5 - Hardy's Cottage (oops, wrong writer;right county)
#6 - somewhere in Scotland
#7 - a bridge in Scotland - sorry Pat, we live right beside this (in Scottish terms) but are usually ON the bridge so don't see this view!!
#8 - no idea

how useless am I


ps I put a suggestion on my site for solving the silent USS Montana - let me know if it works!

PI said...

Belle: thank you. You have solved my problem and all is forgiven. But Brig o' Turk?????

Anonymous said...

glad you now know the difference between a light house and the USS Montana!
you do mean the Brig o Turk between Loch Katrine and Callender?


john.g. said...

I wouldn't have got any of those!

PI said...

Belle: the very same. I'm fairly sure I wrote about it in 'Past Imperfect' when we stayed as teenagers in Callander and used to cycle there in the evenings. Decades later MTL and I revisited.

PI said...

Johng: well you can't be beautiful and brilliant:)

BBC said...

Quality time waster. LOL

You said it lady.

Guyana-Gyal said...

My comments kept getting gobbled :-(

I've been trying to say, that like my little nephew, I can stare for ages at beautiful photos. Now I have itchy feet and what to go to those places.

PI said...

bbc: did I say that? Honestly my memory is getting worse. I missed an appointment today. I must stop fretting about it.

rashbre said...

oops may have sent the comment in twice. I'd forgotten you have 'moderation' switched on! :-)

Dr Maroon said...

How on earth would we have got number 5?
Fair play to you mind, you did tell us he was literary, perhaps you meant his brother DH who also stayed in that house, next to the Chatterleys?

savannah said...

i hadn't a clue, sugar, but i did watch a documentary on the top 10 english castles last night! ;-) does that count? xox

PI said...

GG: then go you shall:)

Rashbre: it keeps the trolls away.

Doccie: no excuses now. That isn't a private photo - it is a post-card - in the public domain. And now you are just trying to confuse me. And succeeding.

Savannah: that probably puts you at the top of the class.

PI said...

Rashbre: one of your comments has disappeared - about Ballater. We stayed at a restaurant with rooms which was very good the first time - not so good the second.