Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Working under difficulties

  To spare you the boring details, the two pictures below are a/

#1 so n and DIL - still afloat after 25 years.

And b:
Our guilty secret up in the attic.  When M – our decorator / handyman was painting the large box in the smaller room I told him to open it.  When he did so and saw the awful bath I could see Acid Bath Murders flitting through his mind.  As I told him, our predecessor – the dentist - was an amateur photographer and used the room as dark room with the bath used to dip his prints in.  M suggested we borrowed his skeleton  - normally used to decorate floats in the Bridgewater Carnivals and put it in the bath.
I wonder if it would be too frightening for the grandchildren?

They are working on the stairs just now and it is quite an experience trying to go up and down without using the banister - which is wet.

 MTL to M:  Don’t get paint on the carpet or Pat will kill you.
M:  If I get paint on the carpet I’ll kill myself”


Granny Annie said...

Your pictures make me think that the swimmers opted to bathe in the ocean rather than the old bathtub. LOL Sounds like your handyman is serious about his work.

Seriously congrats to your kids on their 25 years together,

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Nice juxtaposition between the clear, blue water and scruffy tub. You're an artist!

john.g. said...

Can't get the video to work!

Pat said...

Grannie Annie: thank you. They have two great children (well I would say that wouldn't I) both doing well at Uni and they deserve a break.

UB: it takes one to know one.

John: it's that gremlin again. There isn't a video - just two photos.

Mage said...

Big gremlin. Not a photograph to be seen. I'll come back after work and lo and behold there will be images. :) So glad you are almost done.

Mage said...

Now I see them. Lovely folks floating in that really big tub. Simply marvelous tub too. I went to a lot of work to get one of those, and that one looks bigger than mine. Really nice. :)

Pat said...

Mage: glad you got there in the end.
I can only think the bath was for the maid or 'tweenie' as it is in the attic. And there it will stay:) Heaven knows how we would ever move it.

LL Cool Joe said...

That bath does look creepy. :D

I'm assuming the decorators are using dust sheets and masking tape so they shouldn't be getting paint on the carpet!

Pat said...

Joey: yes to both of those and they clean up after themselves.
We are the ones most likely to lurch against a painted door or clutch a wet hand rail but no accidents so far.