Thursday, February 09, 2012

The gas one

On Monday I couldn't post four pictures of the Queen. Yesterday I managed one of the faux stove and today - we'[ll see.
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Scarlet Blue said...

I'm glad you are cosy! We may have snow tonight.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That one is pretty, too---Can that be moved so easily as the electric one??

john.g. said...

Gas is good!

Pat said...

Scarlet: it's cold enough:(

Naomi: no we had it fitted when we moved in. I was going to change it for something more modern but with the decorating still going on I've decide to stick with it.

Mage said...

No queen but a really nice fireplace.

Pat said...

Mage: goodness knows why:)


really very pretty - and looks nice and toasty, too! ;)

Pat said...

Gypsywoman: toasty is good in this weather:)

Himself said...

Toasty and warm in the company of such a bright button, your man has many thanks to offer to his own brand of God. I see the gleam still rises with the Cornish sun as it extends its ray upon a lady of the upmost beauty.

Cannae say that the images of a Monarch would be welcomed by many around me, shall we say of a Catlick way about them, but the goodness is warming as it shines fae deep inside you dear lady.

Keep aft those double yellow lines is all I am required to say.

Pat said...

Himself: at last he speaks and very welcome he is too.
The Queen and I are deeply moved and send warmest wishes.
Warmest wishes.

Ponita in Real Life said...

That's a lovely gas fireplace, Pat. I do like the brass accents on it. I'm sure it keeps you toasty warm!

Nice that Himself has decided to grace us with his presence once again, is it not? He has indeed been missed.

Pat said...

Ponita: agreed but I never felt he was very far away - in spirit that is.

Nea said...

Sorry I'm not keeping up.
Many happy returns for your blog anniversary.
I like the bathtub. Is it long enough to turn into an extra bed?
As usual, I learn (photo of witch hazel) and smile (video of HRH) whenever I'm here, which will hopefully be more often after March 12th. Since August I've been doing an extra 160 minutes teaching a week on top of my usual full-time workload:( But only up until our half-term holiday at the beginning of March :) after that I get 2 hours and 40 minutes less teaching per week plus all that extra marking and planning time that each lesson takes, so add on at least another 2 or 3 hours free time ... I hope I don't get bored ;)

Stay warm

Pat said...

Nea: I really appreciate you dropping by - wouldn't be the same without you - so I rejoice your work load will be lighter after March 12th.
We are pretty well bedded and I think any surplus guests would opt for a sofa rather than the acid bath.
When the decorators finally leave - they have leave of absence next week - I'll attempt to clean it, put the lid down and forget about it.