Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Celebration of a life.

It's a shame this cuts out before the end but it gives a flavour of the beautiful music which dominated Whitney's funeral.  It was a long emotional ceremony - particularly moving when - as Ce Ce does in this ballad- the words are directed at Whitney's mother: that no-one is to blame and she should not feel guilt or shame.
 Each person - from Kevin Costner to her body guard had moving stories about Whitney and quite a few tears were shed in this house. With all these great singers , not least Stevie Wonder it was certainly a celebration rather than a dirge.
Maybe the way this tape cuts out is really quite apt.
The man with the red sash who rises in support is the singer's brother BeBe.


Guyana-Gyal said...

BeBe has a voice out of this world!

Witney's given me so many memories, all wonderful. She was a part of my life in the Caribbean.

Pat said...

GG: what came through was the power of music. You could feel the whole congregation - including me - swell with emotion.
As Kevin Costner said - or something like it - forget about the negative stuff and remember what she gave us.
And it is great that all her wonderful songs are readily available.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Be Be sang earlier and told that wonderful and funny story about Whitney buying all the uniforms for their first tour (He said he would miss 'Crazy Whitney' Ce Ce and Be Be have glorious vouces---And the man in the red sash is their brother Pastor Marvin, who gave the final Preaching....It was a GLORIOUS moving 'Homegoing'....One I will not forget.
I thought Kevin Costner was just superb, too...!
A Celebration, Indeed!

Eryl said...

This whole thing is just so awfully sad.

R. Sherman said...

It's such a waste of talent. It really is an object lesson about how addiction can ruin a life.

Pat said...

Naomi: forgive me for confusing identities; I didn't know of that family - believe it or not - and when they all appeared I picked the wrong Be Be. I saw most of the ceremony and it was a very moving experience.

Eryl: it is sad that some great talents are hell bent on destruction.

Randall: and it isn't only their life they ruin - alas.


an incredible voice an incredible spirit - one which will continue in may ways to touch each and every one of us - we celebrate you, whitney!


and of kevin costner - and whitney - it was obvious [to me, anyway] in the movie/bodyguard that there was a deep spiritual connection between the two of them - i mean, they were electric on the screen - palpable - and magnificently beautiful together - of course, her beauty transcends all - but together, they were untouchable -

i've a lighter/fun personal story of kevin, but will save it for another time -

Pat said...

Gypsywoman: it is almost a relief now to play her music knowing that nothing more can harm her. Free at last.
Yes I loved the film as a rare love story. He said how similar their church upbringings had been.
Look forward to hearing the story about Kevin.