Friday, November 25, 2011

Lovely Day

Somehow MTL managed to get to the shops to buy card, chocs and champers and a delicate little silver bracelet which I really did not expect.

“Well you don’t have much silver.” It would have been churlish to remind him of the Greek and Canadian spoils and this has the added benefit that it can be manoeuvered on and off without fiddling with catches.

We had a quiet relaxing day with the good news that the French family are coming in February as is the Norfolk branch who are breaking their holiday to take us out to lunch. The Hertfordshire branch is coming in April and the Wiltshire branch any weekend now. We were delighted to receive an illustrated account of all the schools our Australian grandson had attended both here and in Oz.

The taxi arrived promptly and we found the bar at the Luttrell Arms buzzing with a larger shooting party (pheasants apparently), they must have had a good day because they were drinking champagne. The dining room is on three levels and they were below us but the waiter assured us once they had food silence would reign.

We chatted to a friendly couple who were staying at the hotel to book Dunster Castle for their daughter’s wedding in 2013. Is this normal now? I mean suppose they go off each other and their parents have spent the earth. I do think the wedding business has got a little out of hand and think sometimes the more it cost the shorter it lasts. But that’s just me.

I’d love to say the food was mouth wateringly good – we have had such great food lately – but it was disappointingly ordinary. The ambience was good, the staff were helpful and we still find lots to talk about so it didn’t spoil the evening.

Below see giant bellows in the bar and the middle section of the dining room.


Kim Ayres said...

Maggie and I got married 6 weeks after we decided to (although we'd been together nearly 5 years at that point) and the wedding cost £87. We were unemployed at the time, but it was stil a wonderful day. I cannot imagine spending 100 0r 500 times that amount would have made the day any happier

Pat said...

Kim: I 'm relieved there are still some of the younger generation with values that make sense.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Sometimes I drink champagne when things have gone horribly wrong. It doesn't hurt.

Weddings here in the U.S. have taken on a pageantry that nauseates me. People drive themselves crazy with preparations trying to obtain perfection. It sucks all the joy out of it.

john.g. said...

There are bellows........and there are BELLOWS!

Pat said...

UB: putting on a show seems to be more important than trying to save for a home.
I drink champagne whenever it is on offer and tonight as it is the last of the bottle I shall add a drop of Kir and make it a Kir Royale.

John: glad you're impressed:)

R. Sherman said...

I agree with you on the weddings. The EMBLOS and I paid for our own and did on the cheap, using the savings for furniture and a trip to Paris. Better the latter than a huge, expensive bash.


Z said...

I'm just impressed that you can spell manoeuvered. I avoid writing the word.

Pat said...

Randall; lucky you- most of us have to wait for Paris:)

Z: Concise Oxford is four inches from my keyboard. Always. And I still make errors.

Anonymous said...

LOML and I knew each other for 2 months and had met 3 or 4 times when we decided to get married effectively the next week! It was just decided by when the Registrar was available which meant another 2 months!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I did laugh when you said the more a wdding costs the shorter the marriage lasts---72 days??? $10 MIL,(So they say)......I thinbk you are right......It does seem kind of too much to bear--2013 and we aren't at 2012 yet...!!

You two enjoy each other soooo very much---I find it very comforting and it touches my Heart, too, Pat....So, the food was not so great---STILL, you enjoyed each other and your time there together....Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, My Dear.
Lots of Family visits coming up in these next six months....That is 'lovely' too....!
And silver sounds lovely to me, too!

mapstew said...

As long as they have paid for a goo band eh? Eh? :¬)

(I missed your big day so there's a pressie at my place for ye!) :¬)


mapstew said...

You KNOW that should have read 'GOOD' band yeah? :¬)


lom said...

You are right about the price of weddings; we got married 19 years ago and spent £1000 on the lot. Sis-in-law did it this year and it was nearly £25,000 I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t understand why she thought most of the stuff was necessary, two different cars/favours and thank you scrolls for everyone, specially made cufflinks, socks, handkerchiefs and lucky sixpences for the bridal party. Its like they think the wedding is the important part, but its not, it’s the marriage that’s the important part.


you two do always seem to make the best of everything and it is especially touchingly obvious that your being together is all that matters - as well it should be - but so few recognize that any more, do they - a lovely time for you and YTL and what a beautiful gift, the silver - i long ago began preferring silver over gold and gave all my family/heirloom pieces and my own to each of my children as their life events came along - now, they each have their little family gold/jewels to enjoy as i watch and enjoy them wearing it all! ;) anyway, thanks so much for sharing your beautiful little moments with all of us! :)

Macy said...

Like the rest of your commentators Pat, I'm equally puzzled by this fad for megabucks weddings.
Maybe spending everything you have on the wedding leaves nothing for a divorce lawyer later?

Congrats on yoru big day btw! Sorry all my blog comments are so late these days.

Pat said...

Rosneath: coo that's pretty whirl wind:)

Naomi: It's possible I was unfair about the food and the fault lay in my developing a bug which completely took my appetite away. After a water diet and bed rest I'm beginning to feel normal again.

Map: yes a good band would have made all the difference
Thank you for my lovely pressie.

Gypsywoman: I think giving the jewelry gradually is a good idea and have already given my grandmothers cameo to her great great great grand daughter after establishing that she would welcome it.

Macy: dinna fash - your comments are always welcome:)

Guyana-Gyal said...

I like to think I'm practical with money...I don't understand WHY people spend a fortune on weddings when it can be put aside for rainy days in their marriage.

In fact, too many people are impractical about money these days. Budgeting should be taught in schools.

Pat said...

GG: and also taught to MP's.

Anonymous said...

Well I have to say we did spend quite some money on our wedding, and yes people start planning them years in advance which makes it difficult to book locations when you decided six months will do just as well.. but the main reason why we spent so much is because we wanted to celebrate our wedding with all our friends and family (the main part of the bill was the catering) and because no matter how much we have in savings, we still can't buy a house because of how careful the banks are these days. One permanent contract is not considered enough by them. We didn't deplete our savings, but we figure we only live once, so why not make our wedding a great party?


Pat said...

Marjolein: I'm quite sure your wedding was in perfect taste and worth every penny.