Wednesday, November 16, 2011

These are pyjamas and dressing gown I'm getting for Christmas. Ironically after deciding what fun the spotty and tartan PJ's were, I chose these and a similar pair of PJ's in a plain blackcurrant colour.

Aren't women weird?
Mainly I'm trying out Mike's solution (Mike and Ann - side bar) to solve the photo problem. Fingers crossed
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Macy said...

But Pat how do you know what you're getting for Christmas???
Don't you have to drop heavy hints for months ahead???
Or, god forbid, be very very good??

LL Cool Joe said...

"Aren't women weird?"

I think everyone is weird, I don't think gender has anything to do with it! I've already bought all the things my parents are going to give me for Christmas. :D

Mike and Ann said...

By and large I agree with you Joe. In fact I'm the only totally normal person I know.

Mike and Ann said...

P.s. Should have said Pat :- Glad to hear you're now back in communication. Wasn't it frustrating not to be able to blog as normal?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm with Joey....Everyone is weird---and getting me!
I have done nothing for Christmas and probably won't this year...Your Christmas goodies are very pretty!

Pearl said...

Looks warm and, as my son used to say, "cumpy".


Scarlet Blue said...

I always go for comfy, but I have resolved that my next pair are going to reek of Bette Davis on a cruise ship.

Pat said...

Macy:I'm always very very good. I usually get a surprise right at the end and every year he delays it later and later and I get more and more frantic. He is an awful tease.

Joey: wise move:)

Mike and Ann: and as the old saying goes - you're a bit weird at times:)
Thanks for your help and I hope it lasts.

Naomi: we reserve the right to do nothing at all if that's what we feel like- so once more have opted to have Christmas a deux in spite of kind offers to come and do it all for us. Boring old trouts we are.

Pearl and Scarlet: comfy? Here was I thinking they were the epitome of cool.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the dressing gown - and love the color - speaking of weird - it's weird to find your post here about nighties as i was just yesterday remembering this fantastic velvet [not velour] dressing gown i made for myself many moons ago in another life - it was wide wale velvet in brilliant orange - empire waist - buttoned only to bottom of bodice and gathered 'round the bodice - big bell sleeves - how i loved it - sigh - i never really cared much for pjs - always loved the flowing of a gown instead - now, with that beautiful dressing gown, i see a 1903s style sleeveless long fitted silk gown, don't you - yummy! you'll be such a dashing figure on xmas night!

R. Sherman said...

Ditto, Macy's question. How un-fun. You should be more open to surprises.


Pat said...

Gypsywoman; yes velvet would certainly be a fabric for you. I haven't worn PJs since I was a child but they look useful for lounging about on a winter's evening.

Randall: now tell me do you always get exactly what the EMBLOS desires?
You are a paragon if you do.

Mage said...

The photos look fine. I obviously missed the problem. The robe is glorious.

Pat said...

Mage: glad you like it. I should point out that is is very difficult for MTL to shop now so it is a relief to him if I mention something I like.
The problem for myself and others is that Picasa has suddenly developed the inability to publish photos and words together and sometimes nothing at all.

Judy (kenju) said...

I applaud your choices!! They would be mine as well.

I buy all my own presents, so I can get what I really want....LOL


just fyi, dear lady - your beautiful dressing gown had me all in the mood for a new one myself - and i just found the perfect one - not velvet but a wonderful brown sugar chenille! shades of yesteryear [chenille]! now to find a slinky soft gown in brown sugar! oh, and i do love pjs for lounging but the past couple of years have come to love leggings and billowy soft shirts for laying about in the evenings - anyway, thanks so much for the inspiration!

lom said...

very nice I am having a new dressing gown for Christmas too, mine is blue from good old M&S

Granny Annie said...

Looks like pictures with the post worked well for you this time. Love the gown and PJ's.

Pat said...

Judy: thanks - you know where I'm coming from:)

Gypsywoman: sounds lovely. I hope you find the gown and you can recline and listen to the Stones 'Brown Sugar':)

LOM: 'a beautiful blue but it hasn't a hood.' Christopher Robin:)

Granny Annie: I'm looking forward to seeing them in the flesh:)

john.g. said...

I'm sure you'll love them!

Pat said...

John: hope MTL does too:)