Sunday, November 13, 2011

Whitehall - this morning.

The first photo shows the Royal spouses of Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Edward and Princess Anne.

After the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh respectively laid their wreaths they stood immobile whilst all the wreaths were laid by the various countries and organisations. Please someone persuade the Royal pair to be seated for the rest of the ceremony. Phillip is 90 for goodness sake.

I was amused to hear a rather beautiful historian comment on the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge and her mother recently shared hats and how wonderful that the Royal Family were recycling expensive clothes. Princess Anne has been doing that for decades and I’m sure HM would do the same - even more so having been brought up in wartime.

This young lady also said the Royal family had never been known as fashion icons apart from Diana. In fact the Duke of Windsor – the one who abdicated - was famous for the Windsor knot – a way of knotting one’s tie and also rather garish Windsor checks. He is the Prince of Wales in the article below.

"No one completely personified English qualities in attire than the Prince of Wales...Whatever he chose to wear was considered correct and in good taste and was accepted by millions of others in America and elsewhere. Following are a few of the styles that can be traced right back to the Duke of Windsor, either because he wore them first or was responsible for their spread..."

-they include such fashion innovations as:
*The Panama hat
*The spread collar
*The brown buckskin shoe
*The Guards Overcoat, to name only a few.

I missed Prince Harry – he must be serving elsewhere. Oh he is in California doing a two month helicopter training course.


Scarlet Blue said...

We had some debate here as to whether the hat shared by the Duchess and her mother was the same hat or two similar hats. We studied them [ not a lot going on this morning] and played spot the difference.

angryparsnip said...

Looks like a quiet but lovely service and yes, please sit.
Thank you for the post and photos today.

cheers, parsnip

Z said...

Rather before my time, but wasn't Princess Marina known for great style? And certainly, in the late 1960s, Princess Anne was a fashion icon - except the term wasn't used then - the papers were always full of pictures of her hats and her very up-to-date dress sense. I remember a blue and orange striped fun fur coat and she was taken to task for wearing zebra, and she gave one of her more humorous put-downs - she could be very fierce!

Actually, the coat sounds hideous. But it was fashionable, that's the point.

Pat said...

Scarlet: surely not two of the same. That would be Sooooooo wasteful and IMO - not worth it.

Parsnip: so glad you liked it:)

Z: absolutely! A colour was named after her - Marina green.
Anne has always had a rather rakish dress sense with a propensity for bright yellow.
One wonder if these people ever do any research.

Granny Annie said...

Love the rich celebrations of royalty.

Pat said...

Granny Annie:I find it a comforting background to one's existence. Nothing ever really changes and I believe - as long as we have HM we'd be poorer without it.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Again, I'd like to point out a beautiful, sun-drenched London. Completely contradictory to the stereotype! It's a good thing we blew a big hole in the ozone layer.

Pat said...

UB: you'd be happy today - grey murk!

R. Sherman said...

It's too bad our political worthies did not organize a similar commemoration. Armistice Day is now Veteran's Day, and it seems to have lost some of its meaning.

Pat said...

Randall: I agree - that's a shame.