Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Endings?

I’ve just been reading post on the wonderful blog meets she has had. Actually I have only heard – not in any detail alas - of one ghastly one. One doesn’t have to actually meet fellow bloggers – I can think of at least three Americans - to feel a close bond, and the thought occurred to me: did anybody get married or form a lasting partnership through meeting a fellow blogger?

I’ve found my hairdresser – or at least her mobile number and she is coming on Monday to cut and blow dry - I’ll shampoo it first. This works quite well as Wednesday is our 32nd wedding anniversary and MTL suggested we dine at the Luttrell Arms in Dunster. We always eat well there but the last time we stayed the room was less than immaculate so it had to be changed, although when we had MTL’s 80th there, some of the family stayed and were quite satisfied. Possibly just a blip

M our handyman is due this morning to look over the hall, stairs and landings, and also the attic rooms with a view to painting and decorating. The problem is that at present there is a blending of shabby chic all over and any fresh décor is going to highlight the rest. And all those doors – even more than we had in my old Victorian house.

I’m re-reading ‘Wallis’ the infamous Duchess of Windsor who caused Edward VIII to renounce the throne when he found his beloved would not be tolerated as Queen.

Whilst on the Riviera one of the many places they leased was the Chateau La Croe.

Lady Mendl herself turned up to participate. Soon the house carried the authentic Mendl touch: a riot of mirrors, extravagantly elaborate gold and white mouldings, yellow, white and blue draperies and whirlwinds of satin, lace, lacquer and tapestries. The royal bedroom was a flourish of black, scarlet and gold, the furniture painted in trompe l’oeil.

Meanwhile the Duke was fraternising with Adolf Hitler – what a lucky escape we had.

Hurrah I‘ve done my 'abroad' Christmas cards. The next step is Post Office – weighing and stamps. As there are six different countries I’ll really have to concentrate and stamp then correctly – without my good specs. I meant to go and do this today but remembered the last time I did (the PO is in the Co-op) they were closed – it was about lunch time on a Saturday. The plan is to stamp them and post then at leisure so they don’t get there too early. One of these days I really will cancel Christmas.


Granny Annie said...

You posed an interesting question about bloggers meeting and getting married. Hope to see some responses there.

The Windsors and Adolf Hitler -- Yikes! Yep it is a good thing he abdicated the throne. Makes you wonder if his choice in Simpson was any better a decision. My daddy always said, "Birds of a feather flock together."

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...
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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

So happy you found your Hair person...!! I know you are very very happy that!
The Windsors, I'm afraid, were terrible Anti-semites---a well known fact but also one born out by some people I know who actually got to meet them---And according to these same people, they (Edward & Mrs S.) weren't very bright, either....! Saved, Indeed!
You are so wonderful Pat to be doing all this for Christmas----I have cancelled Christmas. I just cannot do any of it this year.

AND, A Bit Early.....HAPPY 32nd ANNIVERSARY, My Dear....Isn't that just WONDERFUL!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

Kim Ayres said...

Well I know someone who's getting very friendly with a Russian woman he met on a dating site. They've not met face to face yet, but he's trying to figure out how to pay for her to come over and visit.

All the alarm bells are ringing really loudly to me, but clearly not to him. But who am I to impose my cynicism on him, especially when I've been in a loving relationship for over 20 years, so not had to face his dilemmas.

Meanwhile, you still come at the top of my list for best blog meeting ups, and I do so hope we get the chance to do so again :)

Hope all goes well for you both on Wednesday!

Pat said...

Granny Annie: I await developments:)
The Duke of Windsor had a following from the miners in Wales appreciating his apparent compassion when he said 'Something must be done.'
But he turned his back on the whole country when he couldn't have his own way.

Naomi: I wonder if Madonna's film will try to redeem them?
As children we use to sing:
'Who's that coming down the street?
Mrs Simpson - ain't she sweet?
She's been married twice before,
Now she's knocking on Eddie's door.'
Sung with a deal of irony.

Pat said...

Kim: Oh dear! It does not bode well but what can you do?
I hope so too - whilst I've still got most of my faculties.
Thank you for the wishes:)

john.g. said...

We cancelled Christmas years ago!

Pat said...

John: that's why MTL and I now prefer to go it alone and should we feel like staying in dressing gowns all day - no-one to say nay:)
My new one arrived today and it's lovely. But of course I won't touch it until Christmas:)

angryparsnip said...

Wow that was a close call. I vaguely remember a movie or TV series from the UK ? where Germany won the war and the UK was part of the Third strange. It was all gray and wet, winter I guess...

I have only met one blogging friend are we are great friends outside of blogland.
I would like to take a trip and visit the UK and blog friends. Who known I just might make a recovery and do it, you never know !

I have a much smaller Christmas now. Since it is usually just me "The Boys" and what child can come. I put up a small tree, some flowers and cards.
But unlike so many people I refuse to stop my Christmas and New Year Day cards. Old greeting card artist never fade away... we keep sending cards.
I like getting real and personal mail that you can hold in your hand.

Our newer tradition is to cook for Christmas Day on Christmas Eve and then have a slow lazy and fun Christmas day because everting is done and all we have to do is just warm it all in the oven !
Besides all the cookie and candy peel making the days before. I might even try making a fruitcake like Weaver talked about today on her blog.

Oh too long of a comment ! wrote a book ! Sorry.....

cheers, parsnip

The Unbearable Banishment said...

I love how Edward was depicted in The King's Speech. I'm not sure it was historically accurate but I was entertained.


always such an intriguing eclectic dialogue here - so glad you found your hair dresser - when your handyman is done, perhaps he could make his way here - i've a list of things waiting in this big old house and the grounds! and then, we have the duke's escapades - i, too, remember childhood rhymes of him and his love - and aren't you just the smartest thing to be done with even a bit of your xmas cards! last year i exchanged cards with a number of my blogging friends and that was really nice - and your dressing gown is there already - i'm afraid i would have ripped it open already!!

Pat said...

Parsnip: long comments are welcome - as long as they are not from trolls:) Excellent idea to do the cooking on Christmas Eve.

UB: the Australian actor - used to be in 'Neighbours' - captured his unique 'upper class cockney' accent really well.

Gypsywoman: typically our handyman didn't turn up. Once he's here he's a gem:)
I did open the dressing gown - I had to check the size was OK. Now in wardrobe till Christmas- unless I'm suddenly rushed to hospital.

Z said...

Yes! I'm proud to say that my friends Wendy and Martin met through my blog. They both left comments there, read each other's blogs and they are now married.

I'm planning two blog meets the week after next, when I'm next in London. I've met quite a number of bloggers now, no disasters at all and several friendships made. I have also made some dear friends (such as yourself, Pat) through blogging, but have not met them yet. Whether I ever will - they are far-flung across the globe - I do not know.

Pat said...

Z: how exciting and I don't even know them. Do they still have separate blogs I wonder?
Norfolk to Somerset in real terms is about as far flung as it gets sadly.

Z said...

Well, I do come to Somerset, I have friends who live near Chard and I sometimes visit them when staying with Wink, who lives in Mere. Won't be until next spring/summer, but what do you think?

Martin hasn't blogged for ages (I just left a little reminder on his blog!) but Wendy now blogs here about her craft-y things. I met them once, in London about three years ago. She used to live in France, but she's actually South African.

Pat said...

Z: it would be lovely to meet up if you were in the area.

Macy said...

My one bad blog meet hasn't put me off the idea of blog meets completely Pat!
For bloggers on G+ there's the option of a G+ hangout. Which is quite fun.

Pat said...

Macy: what is G+?

rashbre said...

I've met a few individual bloggers across the years (other than the ones I've met at 'London Bloggers Meetups')

It's always been great fun and there's that strange thought of actually knowing one another more that you expect.

The King's Speech skipped through some parts of the Reich associations although I suspect an altogether darker movie could be made of that period.

R. Sherman said...

I suppose one must be care with blog-meets as with any personal contact that originates online. That said, it's pretty easy to determine after awhile, whether someone is a decent sort.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Cadiz [who comments on my blog] met Jon through blogging and they were married recently.

Better yet, it's an interracial marriage.

I have lots to catch up on here!

Hi Pat, hi everyone :-D

Guyana-Gyal said... me, all's not bad online...good people can meet online too. It's the same as meeting face to have to learn to read all the signals.

Pat said...

Rashbre: certainly according to the book 'Wallis' by Charles Higham they were a constant worry to the British Government with their close association with Nazi Germany and the fact that Wallis clearly had no allegiance to the British Crown. Au contraire.

GG: another one! Goodness! Someone should do some research. I would but won't be around long enough to really follow up.

Randall: so when are you popping over?

Zoe said...

I can think of 3 couples who ended up getting married having met via blogging - the last couple being Andre (A Beautiful Revolution) and Stacey. I am also in a relationship now with someone who went to school down the road from my school all those years ago - although we don't think we ever met then. Skip 30 odd years and we met via our blogs....:)

Pat said...

Zoe: that's great to hear. I hope yours turns out to be as happy as ours has. Yesterday was our 32nd anniversary.