Sunday, November 06, 2011


Before the fall - all these leaves will shortly drop onto my lawn. Lovely colours though.

These were waiting for us when we returned from holiday. We're going green. The experiment was to try to go back to publishing from My Pictures but it was different to my recollection and I couldn't manage it.

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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

BEAUTIFUL Leaves, my dear....
Love that picture of all the recepticles......Not sure I understand what you were trying to do that didn't work....!

Pat said...

Naomi: I was trying to publish pictures on my blog without using Picasa and I seem to have lost the knack.

Granny Annie said...

The leaves are already covering our lawn and with these high winds they are also covering the carpet in our home as they blow inside every time the door is opened. I wish the goats could eat faster.

Pat said...

Granny Annie: the picture of leaves blowing in made me remember a play I once nearly produced - all I could remember was Henry James. A trip to the attic and I found it : The Aspern Papers by Michael Redgrave from a story by Henry James.
Anything to get out of changing the beds:)

R. Sherman said...

Great color. Ours are going to go any day, I think. Then we have to wait until April for leaves again. The older I get, the less I like winter.


rashbre said...

Very scenic. Our leaves are turning and falling too.

You have different binnage from us.

We have the black bin but also an equivalent sized blue one for the paper. The free for us is for bottles and then theres a sort of green sack for garden stuff.

john.g. said...

Our big Cherry tree is turning red now. We had a frost last night, so it won't be long before they drop!

Macy said...

Wow - do the brown boxes mean you're starting to collect kitchen scraps for council composting?

Impressed at that...

wontletlifedefinemereverb said...

I love those fall colours! It seems to be almost over here, with most trees rapidly shedding leaves. But it's been warm and sunny for the past weeks so I'm not complaining. :)

We received a bag to collect paper waste the other day. The council is finally providing paper waste containers so we can go greener too! Rotterdam is not the best city when it comes to providing options to separate waste, but this is a nice step forward.


Pat said...

Randall; me too.

Rashbre: we have two large green garden bins which we have to pay for.
The one for glass and paper is in the garage so not on the photo- I think it's black then a similar shaped green one is for bad cardboard - don't ask - and plastic and tins.

Pat said...

John:it happens every year:)

Macy: yes and I quite enjoy it . It's like the war. One thing I have observed is that when it comes to washing plastic bottles and tins men can't really be a---d.

Marjolein: I think the rest will drop quite quickly now.
Re waste I wish I could be confident that when it leaves here it will all be dealt with properly.

angryparsnip said...

Beautiful Fall garden photo. You live in a Beautiful place.

When I lived in California we had the big green bins for years. I am so used to recycling that I have been know to pull out a can from the garbage and put in in the right bin. I feel like Pavlov's Dogs about recycling. woof !

cheers, parsnip

lom said...

Hi Pat

we have two large bins one for recycling tins/paper etc which we use and one for the garden cuttings/leaves etc which we don't use, all ours goes on the composting heap. We have been told that later this year we will be getting another one for household rubbish and one for outside for food waste and one for inside for food waste, I doubt we will use that one either, we eat everything, hahahha.

I am just wondering where I am suposed to put all these bins.

Pat said...

Parsnip: it takes a while to get everyone in the household to latch on:)

LOM: typical that every council has a different system - idiotic!
We have little food waste - mainly egg shells and tea bags.
and what are we meant to do with the old bins? I disinfected and cleaned one the other day - no mean feat without falling in it- and put sprigs of rosemary in to keep it sweeet smelling.

Eryl said...

You must be one of the few people who can make bins look romantic and moody!

The council up here are so useless when it comes to recycling that a group of locals got together and set up a charity to collect recyclable waste. They now employ most of the school drop-outs in town, and have a lovely kitchen garden where you can go and buy vegetables straight off the plant in summer. Next year there'll be flowers too. I think they won an award earlier in the year. Aren't some people amazing?

The Unbearable Banishment said...

In high school I briefly dated a girl who had just moved up to Ohio from Florida. She had never seen leaves change color. I used to drive her around the park system as she stared, mouth agape, at the foliage. I didn't have the heart to tell her that in two weeks they'd all be on the ground dried, dead and drained of color.

Ponita in Real Life said...

Gorgeous colours! The trees are almost completely bare here and we had snow overnight, which is still on the ground. It probably won't last long as the sun is supposed to come back out tomorrow... but winter is definitely in the air!

To post photos from My Pictures, click on the little photo thing in blogger publisher, click on "Choose File", select 'My Pictures' and whatever folder, open that and select the photos you want. Then blogger will take you back to the upload photos box and just make sure the ones you want are selected (surrounded by the little blue border), clock post and off you go! You can then drag and drop them wherever you want in your blog. Once you get the hang of it again, it'll be easy, Pat. :-)

Pearl said...

We're hip-deep in leaves here in Minneapolis, with a brief -- and "non-sticking" snow tomorrow night.

It is to weep.

And you guys compost? That's what the brown bins are for? That's fantastic.

We have the exact same green bins. Minneapolis is pretty good about recycling, although there are suburbs not 10 miles away that don't recycle at all...


Pat said...

Eryl: that's such a heart warming story.

UB: but she still had you dear:)

Ponita : I tried this morning but you wouldn't believe my filing - the kids go mad - and I couldn't find the pics so had to use Picasa which sort of behaved.
I wash my hands of me. When my grand-daughter next visits I'll get her to coach me again.

Peral : thank you. I'm beginning to feel quite smug and virtuous - a unique experience.