Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Birthday surprises

Yesterday was # 1 son's birthday. Here he is on graduation day over 30 years ago. Both his children are now at Uni and he expected a quiet birthday week-end with his wife. As usual she met him at the station and they drove home. When they reached home my DIL asked him to get some things out of the boot. He said there wasn't anything in the boot but she insisted. He opened the boot and voila - out jumped his son Tom - all 6' plus of him
They had only been in the house a few minutes and in strolled his daughter - also escaped for UNI for the week-end.
I can't imagine any better birthday present.

Telling MTL about it we remembered my favourite 80th birthday present. Not the gorgeous ring from MTL - but the boys and their families had arranged a lunch at my favourite pub; the grandchildren wouldn't be able to make it of course as it was term time. The boys drove over to pick us up whilst my DIL's arranged the table and presents. I got up to date news of the children whilst we were driving and walked in to the room with dazzling sunlight so it was a miute or so before I realised that Tom, Sam and Alice were there with big grins on their faces.
It really made my day.
Have you had a lovely surprise lately? They are the best
I think.
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Scarlet Blue said...

I am a bit of a nightmare for ruining surprises.
Anyhow, I am admiring the seventies shirt collars! Happy days.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Proof positive that heartfelt gifts trump material bobbles every time. A shame it took me so long to learn that lesson.

R. Sherman said...

We do grow up. Alas, one cannot stop the passage of time.

Happy Birthday to your son!


Mike and Ann said...

Isn't the girl on the right of the photo like you? And that, of course, is a compliment to both of you.

Ponita in Real Life said...

The best birthday gift is having those you love around you to share the day with you!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a WONDERFUL Surprise for your son---And A Very Happy Birthday To Him, I might add....
And that was a GREAT Surprise for your special 80th....! Nothing lovlier than having these sweet sweet surprises on one's "special" day---They are the BEST!

LOVE that picture!!! Does your son like it, too?

Pat said...

Scarlet: I don't think I've ever stopped wearing them:)

UB: some people never learn:)

Randall: I wouldn't turn the clock back but nursing ones babies was one of the best bits.

Mike and Ann: I'm not sure if I'm being teased but that is me - his mum. The other his second serious girl friend.

Ponita: can't argue with that:)

Naomi: thank you. I think he likes the photo. I tried to phone him this morning but he was out of the office.

The Cloudcutter said...

Beautiful picture and memories! Birthday wishes to your son.

Mage said...

Not a surprise exactly, but moments of surety and comfort in what once would have been very awkward situations. Amazing how much we change for the better. :)

Mike and Ann said...

Sorry Pat. Not a tease. I really thought it was of Sam, Tom, and Alice, but having reread it I see that it was taken on your son's graduation Day. Lovely photo.
Warm regards, Mike.

Granny Annie said...

Actually no. I think that I am such a control freak my family and friends know that a surprise would probably be my undoing.

Z said...

Fellow feeling, Granny Annie, in most respects, but those ones were lovely.

Dearest Pat, I find it hard to remember that your children are about my age. I think of you as a sister I've not yet met. And, the last couple of days, I've had wonderful blogmeets, one of which was a delightful surprise as I didn't know he was in the country.

Sympathy for Tom. What a journey!

Pat said...

CC: thank you;)

Mike and Ann: sorry to confuse you. As you know captions are hopeless with Picasa just now.

Granny Annie: me too - but sometimes it works.

Z: welcome back. Look forward to hearing about the blog meets although I suspect I won't know them.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Aha, the Saggi. son :-) Happy wishes to him...and everyone!

I love surprises, good ones, I mean. I got a nice one when a Russian woman I tutor in English told me she went shopping...she still doesn't speak much English. I was so pleased that I'd given her that confidence!

savannah said...

lovely, sugar! absolutely lovely then and now1 xoxoxox

Pat said...

GG: he'll be the Saggy son from now on.
Great to have your pupil show such confidence

Savannah: thank you.xoxoxoxox

mapstew said...

Wow! I love the past, but today, now, is always better. And tomorrow? Well that's what keeps me young! :¬)


Pat said...

Map: more adventures to come. That's the spirit.