Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Another Fine Mess

I found this cutting yesterdayand thought oh good- now I can do clever things like use italics in comments. However after lots of fiddling and not knowing what to press when - I gave up
Unfortunately now any comment box I use is giant size and also my Dashboard page which makes posting a problem. How can I get the comment page and Dashboard back to normal size? I'm anxious to continue my holiday posts before I forget them. I know there are wizards amongst you and will be eternally grateful if you can help me. Please.
As for italics and the rest - I can live without them


Rog said...

I think you may have enlarged your viewing screen in the browser by clicking "CTRL" and "+".
Remedy is simple - "CTRL" and "-".

If you do them repeatedly you can make the screen as small or as large as you like!

R. Sherman said...

I think Rog is correct. BTW, I never use shortcuts, for the reason you cite. Bad things can happen.

Hope you get it resolved.


rashbre said...

I only really use 'old school' Ctl+C and Ctl+V except if I'm editing video or sound, so can't help with this.

But I do remember when CTL-B used to be the 'Break' key...

angryparsnip said...

I applaud you for even trying to do this kind of computer options.
As for me, when I have a problem I call up my son in Japan and he logs onto my computer to fix it. For smaller problems I can call the local son and daughter.
I have to write down in a book every thing I want to do and even then it doesn't always work.
I guess maybe I am a Luddite in my heart or maybe I just am not a computer person ? yes ?

It sounds like all your friends have already given you great advice and hope it helps.

cheers, parsnip

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I haven't a clue, but it sounds like others do, my dear. I hope their advice is helpful and that you get things back to "normal".

Scarlet Blue said...

I think Rog is correct... don't worry, Pat... I've done it myself and have spent half a day trying to sort it out.

john.g. said...

Use HTML,It's easy!

Pat said...

Rog: thank you. The girls on the other page put me right bless 'em but I'm going to add you to my team of wizards. Such a lovely feeling when it starts to shrink.

Randall: ain't that the truth?

Rashbre: I'm boggling at the thought of editing video or sound. I once bought an editing machine and ended up giving it away.

Parsnip: actually I emailed my son but he's busy just now and as he does a lot of voluntary work I try not to infringe on his free time.

Naomi: yes the girls came up trumps.

Scarlet: I'm just so relieved that it is back to normal again:)

John: now you're just trying to upset me.

LL Cool Joe said...

Sounds like you've got lots of good advice so I won't add mine as well!

Hope your problems are sorted out now. :)