Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Six of the Best
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The Unbearable Banishment said...

Why do I get a big thrill that you enjoyed Old Filth? The entire time I read that book I thought of you and your beautiful country. I loved all the characters and was sorry to see that book end.

I'm quite cross with Keith Richards. He said terrible things about Mick in that book (even referring to him as "Brenda"). Pardon me, but Mick held that band together while Keith was off being a useless, drunken, drug addict. Keith should be kissing his feet, that ingrate. As if he's be anywhere at all without Mick watching his back.

Guyana-Gyal said...

UB, I had to smile at your comment about Keith Richards, I used to think that Mick was the bad boy.

Pat, you must be a fast reader. I'm so slow, it's embarrassing.

Pat said...

UB: I'm eternally grateful you told me about Old Filth - my favourite at this moment in time. I'll write about it on Friday DV.
Re Keef and Mick I've just read 500 pages plus from one side of the story. I admire their talent but like many famous folk I think they are both a bit of a shower.

GG: Re Keef and Mick: see above for a slightly different view.
I am quite a slow reader and often have to go back and reread a passage but I read most nights in bed- courtesy of MTL.

Jimmy said...

Exactly what is it that inexplicably links the distinguised members of English society and filth? I mean... six of the best, oh Pat, you have so many delicious flavours and layers.

Pat said...

Jimmy: it's sweet of you to say so:)

Kate Lord Brown said...

Loved 'Guernsey ...' read it in one sitting it was so much fun.

Definitely will add Keef to my list since discovering he fell off his library ladder and cracked his ribs. V rock and roll :)

Pat said...

Kate: I've just been sent a book to review by an American writer, which was the unwitting prequel to 'Guernsey' -i.e. 'War on the Margins.'