Sunday, March 13, 2011

Little things make me happy

Like clean linen on the line, billowing in the March sun and picking up the fragrance of the rosemary bush.

I'm burbling - we had a fitful night's sleep and are off to see the oncologist to see what's what.
Are there silly little things that make you happy?
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Mike and Ann said...

Sunshine, Pat, above all.

Mike and Ann said...

P.s. And Ann calling down to my workshop (as she just has done) "Cup of coffee ?"

Pat said...

Mike and Ann: yes I'll settle for sunshine:)

R. Sherman said...

At the moment, hoping the snow in the forecast was just a dream.

Or a mistake.


Scarlet Blue said...

Gorgeous here, Pat. I have been ducking enormous bumble bees, but they made me smile.

Eryl said...

Laundry on a line is one of my absolute favourite things. I've just put some towels out, first of the year and it feels like a wedding!

The other thing that makes me happy is an empty kitchen sink.

mapstew said...

They never fail to cheer me, never fail to bring a huge grin to my big ugly mug!

Hope all turns out well at the onc. :¬)


john.g. said...

The Dunnocks have started nest building, spring is here. I am happy!

Pat said...

John.g: this ignoramus wouldn't know a dunnock if she fell over it, but i googled it. Sweet.
I'm happy you're happy:)

sage said...

Ah, the fresh smell of sun-dried sheets... From Randall's blog. Happy birthday, tomorrow, and hope things go well at the oncologist. I have two doctor's appointments tomorrow and it's my anniversary.

Mike and Ann said...

Dunnocks. Used to be called hedge sparrows. Look like a sparrow with a greyish head.

Mike and Ann said...

P.s. Just realised you've googled it, so you know anyway - Sorry.

debra said...

And it's the little things that make the big things tolerable. Happy pre-birthday, Pat ♡

kenju said...

You make me happy, Pat. Hope all goes well at the oncologist's and that tonight brings good sleep for you both.

angryparsnip said...

Birthdays for wonderful friends makes me happy...

It is your Birthday today or did I write it down wrong ?

Big ((Hugs)) from Tucson, your card will be somewhat late this year.

cheers, parsnip

R. Sherman said...

It's still the 14th here, but your birthday on you side of pond. Happy Birthday, dear, and I insist you stay around for awhile for me to enjoy your ruminations, selfish person that I am.


Scarlet Blue said...


lom said...

The washing on the line, the birds playing in the trees and swinging off the feeders, watching the rain in puddles, I could go on forever. I am easly pleased

Ponita in Real Life said...

Fresh laundry kissed with sunshine... nothing better... except a wonderful Happy Birthday to you and the discharge from the oncologist (I was at the other post first so I already know!).

Guyana-Gyal said...

A clean home, clean sheets...yes, I love laundry drying on the line, my nephews and niece, tea, a rocking chair, sea-wind. These are a few of my favourite things.

Pat said...

Somehow I missed most of these comments.
GG: that sounds like a song - you should put it to music:)

Ponita: I'm really upside down today with comments and you have been going backwards -re comments. It'll take a while for me to get back an even keel.

LOM: I have a lovely picture of you swinging off the feeders:)

Scarlet: early bird - thank you;)

Randaall: I have no plans to leave any time soon;)

Parsnip: you are clever to remember - especially with all the upset in Japan. I'm so glad your family are safe but it must be devastating for everybody.

Judy: what a lovely thing to say. I enjoy our friendship enormously:)

Debra: that is so true. Thank you:)

Mike and Ann:I like to be reminded that I have experts close by:)

Sage: thank you and welcome. I hope your appointments go well - as ours have and Happy Anniversary!

Mapstew: I'm dotty about babies too:)

Pat said...

Eryl: house wise I think you are more of a fifties girl.

Scarlet; bumble bees - that's ahead of us I think:)

Randall: I'm keeping my fingers crossed you have no more snow this season.