Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lovely Day

I left the nurse (a new one just for today) taking blood before MTL starts the penultimate chemo on Friday. Definitely a spring day the forsythia was a golden glow. Down in the town I was glad of my gloves – even with a camera. I was off to have coffee with a gel I did some computer courses with about nine years ago. We re- discovered ourselves on Face-book. She hadn’t changed and both of us were suitably surprised to discover we had both had had big birthdays (not the same decade) in the last year.

We sat and drank coffee in the Bistro, and exchanged notes. She hasn’t got a blog, has three part- time jobs, and was frustrated by not being able to get on line. I told her I had been having the same problem and not to worry – it never lasted longer than a day but J said she had been off for a week! She does everything through BT – my Broad band is with Orange so maybe it’s better to ignore the special deals and stay put.

As a birthday treat her sons had bought her a trip to Nashville to do the Elvis thing. I remembered that she had been a great fan of the Irish singer – Danny? who had a tremendous following. Had she forsaken him? Not at all! Her sacrifice for Lent was not to listen to Danny’s music but her partner allowed her to –whilst having to suffer being off line. Naughtily I suggested some folk would regard it as a bonus not listening to the Irish singer but she smiled and said she was used to being teased about it.

Oddly both of us had arranged to meet our partners at 12.45 so we drifted round the shops. Scarlet (side-bar) had suggested I try L’Eau D’Issey when I was looking for a new scent. We went to Super Drug – they had it but no tester. Boots had both; we both liked it so – an early birthday present from me to me. We parted agreeing we should do it again. It was a fair walk to the rendezvous with MTL and the wind played havoc with my over-grown hair.

There he was waiting patiently beneath the beautiful windows in the Kildare Lodge. They have moved the bar into what was the dining room, so one can admire the architecture while just having a drink. They warned us there would be a wait to eat but we weren’t in any rush. I sighed when I realised MTL was wearing a shirt with a frayed collar which - as he didn’t want me to ditch it - he only wears in the house. Usually I give him the once over before he ventures out.

We had Thai green chicken curry and bread and butter pudding. It was very good especially the pud and I couldn’t eat another thing all day but was delighted that MTL having eaten half my chicken –could.

PS I wonder why the font suddenly changes size?


sablonneuse said...

So pleased to hear YTL hasn't lost his appetite. I'm sure no-one noticed his collar except you. Men can be really strange when it comes to a favourite and comfortable article of clothing can't they? Oh, actually I'm wearing a jumper I've had for going on 15 years. It's so comfy. . . . . . .

Guyana-Gyal said...

I had to laugh at YTL's frayed collar...I know someone, younger, who does the same.

Always curious, I googled L'Eau D’Issey, the musky note sounds heavenly!

P.S. I've wondered too, why does the font size change when I edit a blog post?

Here's what I do now...write in Word, I can make all the corrections I want to, and when I'm done, I copy, paste in blogger, post.

Jimmy said...

Ah Pat, the font size change is like other important things in life hen, it gets bigger or smaller depending on how much the lady of the house plays around with it.

Nice photies, nice wee post, and an extremely nice lady behind it all.

savannah said...

i had a comment that was forming and as soon as i read jimmy's, it was totally and massively gone in a fit of laughter! xoxoxo

(now i remember, i can't wear scent anymore because of my allergies! *sigh*)

john.g. said...

I wish I liked curry,but I hate it!

Nice pics!

Pat said...

Sandy: bet you don't go out to lunch in it.

GG: it' heavier than I normally use but I like it as does MTL.
Re font I do all that but it still happens at odd times - like today, the last two lines went minute. Weird!

Jimmy: you would have got away with it if I hadn't seen Savannah's comment.

Jimmy said...

If it made you smile hen, it was worth it. My regards to your man, keep the faith.

Kim Ayres said...

I'm guessing you write your blog posts in a separate document then copy and paste them into your blog.

When you do it in "Compose" mode, funny things sometimes happen with the html code, and you get these odd things happening with the font.

The best way to avoid it is to click on the Edit HTML option, next to where it says "compose", and paste your post into that. That clears out any html discrepancies.

Hope that helps :)

shermlaw said...

You women will never understand our relationship with our favorite shirts and pants. In many respects, it's as enduring as our marriage, i.e. "Till death or tatters, do we part."

Give YTL a break. He deserves it, I think.

Cheers, dear.

Pat said...

John.G: Thai curry is different. Give it a try sometime:)

Savannah: thanks for alerting me to Jimmy's antics.
Allergies are the very devil. I blame all the things we spray into the atmosphere and living in sealed boxes.xoxox

Jimmy: you often make me smile.

Kim: thank you. As usual I shall print it out and add it to my collection of aids from you - which are always by my desk.

Shermlaw: now there's a familiar name - I think I know your brother.
I had to laugh; MTL said how nice I looked when I walked in the Kildare and I realised that he usually sees me looking like a bag lady. I'm all for comfort in the home but think we should make an effort outside. And he looks so nice smartened up.

lom said...

Hubby will wear things Until they literally fall of his back, or fall to pieces in the washer

Pat said...

LOM; what can you do? I must admit to administering the coup de grace with a mighty rip sometimes but keep it quiet.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Y'know Pat, I agree about looking smart outside the house.

When I was a teen, I thought, how cool it was to wear torn jeans, sneakers, etc.

But now, seeing my town with different eyes, how run-down it is, with not much beauty about, I realise how much my spirits lift when people dress nicely.

Pat said...

GG: so glad you feel the same. Mind you heels, hat and gloves go by the board these days:)

mapstew said...

Danny?? Which one?

Doyle? O'Donnell? LaRue? :¬)

Have a lovely weekend!


Pat said...

Mapstew: I think it's O'Donnell - he has an enormous fan club.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Sounds like a lovely day, Pat--Good company and good food, too...!
The font on my blog often changes size and only after I publish, so...I have to go back and re-do the Font size I want....It does this, by the way, ALL on it's own! The oddities of blogging and the computer....(oy).

Come on by, if you get a chance, my dear.

Pat said...

Naomi: I came over this morning and it was well worth the visit. Thank you:)

R. Sherman said...

I'm "shermlaw" on a different mail and must have signed on incorrectly. Darn Google doesn't recognize my blunder.


Pat said...

Randall: well I enjoy a chance to exercise my Miss Marple alter ego.

lom said...

hahaha I do that too

Pat said...

LOM: first essential for a good detective: an insatiable curiosity. Some folk call it nosiness.