Friday, March 18, 2011

A Heartfelt Thanks!

For all the support , good wishes , prayers,vibes, white lights - all we have received from our fellow bloggers in the last six months, a sincere thank you and if you don't mind we're going to hang on to them for the time being.
On the birthday we were both feeling a bit limp, so postponed any serious revelling. After getting a bit weepy at the hairdresers- when one is at one's most vulnerable I think, G suggested the Stag at Dunster was good for a pub lunch but the parking was a way from the pub so we drove on.
First though I walked down the lane - remembering how pretty it was when we took mum and dad there years back

The three photos below are down the lane from the Stag at Dunster. The skies were overcast so it all looks a bit dark

Eventually we reached Timberscombe and decide to sample The Lion which we hadn't visited for some years. Well worth it - it was warm , cosy and the food was good.

I admired the excellent photographs. Mine host told me the rider below was killed some weeks back, in a tragic riding accident.

The photos are being restive. Two have escaped and Timberscombe church is out of place. Next time we'll visit it.
Yesterday I had lunch with the girls and gave way to MTL's blandishments to choose some earrings for my birthday. I found some plain gold studs I liked. Feeling a bit decadent I then bought three sets of pretty underwear - long overdue! A cheque for Comic Relief has partially salved my conscience.
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AndrewM said...

Rose Cottage reminds me of a big slab of that pink ice cream you used to get.

Nice piccies.

kenju said...

The buildings are all so quaint, Pat. You live in a very charming area. It sounds as though you had a good birthday despite feeling poorly and having rain.

Pat said...

Andrew.M: yes - a bit deeper pink that marshmallow. Must try the Stag another time.

Judy: It was just a nervous reaction to the stress. All OK now and it was a pleasant birthday as birthdays go. I like other people's birthdays better than my own.

Ponita in Real Life said...

I love your photos, Pat! What a beautiful area you live in! And so sad to hear about the rider in that photo. But I'm so happy for you and your MTL... xoxo

angryparsnip said...

Oh Pat,
So glad to know you and your MTL are doing better now.

I just can not believe what a fabulous area you live in. All the photo have sent my tourist radar to high !

cheers, parsnip

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Pat. Lovely photoes - lovely area. We stayed in Dunster three or four times in the seventies. It's a grand area. Buildings nearly as good as here in Suffolk; scenery far more dramatic. I really started this comment to wish you (belatedly) many Very Happy returns of your birthday.
Warm regards, Mike and Ann.

savannah said...

what great photos, sugar! i'm glad things are better now for you and fine groom! ;~D xoxoxox

Z said...

My love, it's your party and you really can cry if you want to. It's after you've kept your courage up all this time that the stress can hit you, isn't it? You'll both appreciate every minute of the rest of your lives, a long, long time.

Pat said...

Ponita:thank you - it's lovely to have some good news to spread.

Parsnip: MTL and I spent about a year after he took early retirement visiting favourite parts of Britain to decide where to settle, and the decision to choose here was just happenstance which we have never regretted. It's just a bit off the beaten track for the kids but happily they all visit regularly.
I hope the news from Japan gets better soon. Listening to the radio there is a wealth of supportive emotions from Britain for the Japanese people, who have impressed us all with their stoicism.

Mike and Ann: thank you. Yes Dunster has a lot going for it and the good thing about this area - things tend not to change too readily.

Savannah: thank you always for your warm support.xoxoxox

Z: I hope you are singing that:)
We have a way to go but I'm happy at where we are at and thank you for your understanding and concern:)

john.g. said...


Pat said...

John.G :)

lom said...

Hi pat

lovely photos, a cry and a treat and now the smiles, it's what makes life life.

Sending you more love and good vibes to help the top-up

Guyana-Gyal said...

You deserve every good thought, wish, vibe. You are such a ray of light in the blogosphere, always with a kind word for others, always with something pleasing to share.

Sending lots more good vibes for you and YTL.

What a delicious place. ALL the buildings look like ice-cream and chocolate biscuits!

Minnie said...

Bonjour, Pat.
Know the area well. If the rider was John Lamercraft, then I had the enormous privilege of meeting him. A quiet, gentle - and profoundly inspirational man - who possessed that rare quality, insight(into people as much as animals). Bon courage!

Pat said...

Minnie: I'm sorry , I've been googling and can't discover the name of the rider. I hope it wasn't your friend. There seem to be a great deal of fatal riding accidents.

Minnie said...

Hello again,Pat. No, upon closer inspection it seems the unfortunate rider-in-question lost his life more recently. JL died in 2004.
He was a great equestrian presence on/around Exmoor.
Dangerous pursuit, riding ..