Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dame Elizabeth Taylor

The last of the Hollywood super stars, she was born in London to American parents and has been a star since her early teens.
She was married 8 times - twice to Richard Burton - a great stage actor who learned from Elizabeth how to act on film. I always felt Mike Todd was the one she would have stayed with but he was killed in a plane accident.
She lived life to the full in spite of being dogged by ill health for many years. Her love of priceless jewelry was legendary but much of it was donated to charity and she raised millions to help others and made the Aids charity acceptable world wide.

Rock Hudson, Michael Jackson, Montgomery Clift and Roddy Mcdowell were very special friends of hers. She adored animals and she was a great humanitarian.
She proved once and for all as Martha in 'Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?' that she was a great actress.
As Joan Collins said 'She was a gal's gal- women liked her.'

May she rest in peace

Elizabeth Taylor 1932 - 2011

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Guyana-Gyal said...

There's much that I want to say, it would take up a blog post.

My mother's told me about her all my growing up life, you'd think she knew her personally.

Rest in peace, Liz.

Granny Annie said...

This is a lovely tribute. I am a bit surprised at the lack of splash over her death or maybe I'm just missing the news. As a young woman I was often told that I resembled Liz Taylor. That was always an ego boost and certainly made her a favorite of mine:)

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Boy, she was hot, wasn't she? She lost that British accent, though. A shame, if you ask me.

Pat said...

GG: your mother would feel - like me - that we grew up with her.

UB: I think she could probably rustle up the British accent when required - when receiving her award from Her Maj for instance;)

Granny Annie: lucky you - she was a true beauty.

Sausage Fingers said...

Lovely tribute and true as you said one of the last real Hollywood icons
Cheers, Sausage..

Jimmy said...

Naturally beautiful, something about her eyes tells a tale of its own.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Pat, that's exactly what my mother said!!

R. Sherman said...

I certainly enjoyed her roles, though she sort of went off the rails in her later stuff. There's no question, that in her day, she was the feminine ideal in spades.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh yes, Pat...I loved her! I loved that was always "who" she was. No B.S. And her loyalty to friends and family was legendary.
Also....she absolutely changed the dace of AIDS when she spoke out so beavely and clearly after Rock Hudson died. And she helped to raise over $25 Million for AMFAR--A GREAT Research organization...And that is no easy thing, let me tell you, having worked on an AIDS Benefit for 20 years---I know how hard it is to raise money. But, Dame Elizabeth put her money where her mouth was and never looked back! She was a Great Great dame--in both senses of that word! RIP dear Elizabeth.

Come by, if you get a chance, my dear.

debra said...

She was one classy woman. Walked her talk. May she rest in peace.

Pat said...

Sausage: thank you.

Jimmy: she was a real survivor.

GG: your Mum and I have lots in common:)

Randall: I think some of the very later stuff she was sending herself up - with plenty of kudos for her charities.

Naomi: you know very well what she did from personal experience, as a fellow worker for charity. I'll be over in a trice:)

Debra: she'll be long remembered I'm sure.

kenju said...

THE most beautiful woman in the world!

Pat said...

Judy: no arguments from me:)

Luna said...

It must've been so cool to grow up with a secret path! I love the photo. Immediately made me think of magic! :)

Pat said...

Luna: it's so secret you can walk round the garden in the nuddy;)

Sheri said...

I think my favorite thing about Liz was her violet eyes. Have never seen them on anyone else.

Pat said...

Sheri: I would have loved to have seen her.