Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Birthday

My best present was the oncologist yesterday greeting us with a beaming smile and telling us the scan was clear and after completing the chemo next month, we are discharged from him.

Random memories of yesterday

Mum and Pat

Pre training school with a flea- ish kitten

Cycling to the Trossachs hotel - suitable dressed !

A small patient

My nursing pal Tommy in the Lake District

Modelling with an actor who always made me giggle

In need of a trim

# 1 son

Southborougj woods taken by my late business partner

Graduation Day

Son et lumiere at Tonbridge Castle

My old garden in Kent with Mum

My sister and I on one of her flying visits from the States

When I had a waist.

Oh those fags! Dropped them in 1977

Day in the Death of Joe Egg at Tonbridge.
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Z said...

Wonderful news, beautiful photos and happy birthday! Lots of love to you both xxx

AndrewM said...

Good news.

Nice piccies.

Have a good day (steady on the Kir).

Pat said...

Z: thank you honey.

AndrewM: xoxoxoxox.

lom said...

Happy birthday Pat, so pleased to hear your news. Lovely photos

R. Sherman said...

Happy Birthday, dear. Sorry about the video at my place.

Glad all's well at the doctor's. Quite a relief, I'm sure.


The Unbearable Banishment said...

Look at you! What fantastic pics! A happy, happy birthday to you.

Joe Orton: one of the greats. He left us too early.

debra said...

wonderful photos, Pat! happy happy days!

savannah said...

lovely pics, sugar! and FANTASTIC news for you both! much love and happiness today and always. happy birthday, darling! xoxoxoox

Kim Ayres said...

I love the collection of photos.

I would love to take some proper ones of you, rather than a couple of quick shots in the car park like last time.

Now I have a better idea of portrait photography it would be wonderful :)

Ponita in Real Life said...

Excellent news and what a stunner you were/are, Pat! A beauty! Love the photos. :-)

Happy Birthday, my lady... and yes, no better birthday gift than the one at your side.

The Cloudcutter said...

What a treat it's been, looking at these pictures! Beautiful!
Hope you've had a fabulous day. You're right about receiving the best present. Great news indeed!
Happy Birthday again.

Mike and Ann said...

Congratulations Pat, on both the birthday and the grand news. Those photoes are a feast for the eyes.Thankyou.
Love, Mike and Ann.

problemchildbride said...

Beautiful Pat. What better news to get on your birthday. My New Year's resolution was to get back into visiting the blog circuit. Next year I resolve to be more resolute. Miss you. So very fond of you, dear lady and happy to hear your news. Have a great day. Love from over the water. xx

john.g. said...

Great news and lovely pics!! xxx

Guyana-Gyal said...

What great news from the oncologist. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PAT!

I remember some of those photos, and I enjoyed looking at them again.

Scarlet Blue said...

Happy Birthday!! What a glamour puss!!
I know Tonbridge well!

Queenie said...

Whoop, whoop, whoop! So thrilled. Terrific pics, too. A very happy birthday to you, and much love to you both xxx

Pat said...

Lom: it's great isn't it?

Randall: I loved the video and always grateful for your support.xox

Pat said...

UB: thank you;) I saw one of his plays in New York and met Frankie Howerd - a famous gay comic actor in the UK.

Debra: thank you - and hopefully more to come, if that's not greedy.

Savannah: thank you sweet lady.xoxoxoxo

Kim: you're bound to come down again - on of these days.

Eryl said...

That has to be the best news ever!

Happy birthday to you, lovely Pat. The photos are fab, XXXXXXXX

Jimmy said...

Happy Birthday doll, and thanks for sharing the photies. Beautiful then, still as beautiful now. I'm glad your oul fella's gonnae be fine by the way, tell him I said hullo.

Sheri said...

How gorgeous you are! Wonderful photos filled with love and good memories. Also wonderful news.

Happy Birthday.

Pat said...

Ponita ; many thanks.xoxoxo

C: I'm glad you liked the pics. The old stagers have seen then all before.

Mike and Ann: I suddenly found that by clicking thumb nails I was able to post them all at once instead of the usual four.

Sam: lovely to have you visit but at least now I can see you on face book.xoxox

John.G: I'm sure you've seen them all before and they are very random.

Pat said...

GG: thank you - that's a brilliant tape and who wouldn't dance to it. Must get the hip movement right:)

Scarlet: I can't believe it's over 30 years since I left. My shop was in Tunbridge Wells but most of my friends were in Tonbridge.
Did you ever know one of my oldest friend - Jean McConnell- writer, actress, director etc?

Queenie; thank you and MTL says thank you too;)

mapstew said...

Hope your day was just wonderful.
Beautiful photies, what a glamourous one you are! (I see you AND Mum both liked showing off them fine pins!) :¬)


Pat said...

Eryl: thank you.xoxoxox

Jimmy: thank you and MTL is astonished and delighted at all the good wishes and we owe a lot to everybody who have been so supportive and caring.

Sheri: thank you. I don't much care for birthdays but this one has been special.

Mapstew: thank you. We are feeling a little punch drunk and thankful that we have nothing planned tomorrow and could sty in bed all day I only our body clocks didn't insist on our getting up with the dawn.

Kath said...

PAT!! I'm so so glad to hear that! What great news. The photos are amazing - you are such a lovely person inside and out!

Happy Birthday from Texas!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

A Belated Happy Birthday, dear Pat....I'm sorry I missed 'the day'.....I LOVE all of these pictures, my dear. You know how much I adore old pictures and these are all just wonderful...! You could write a post about each and every one, I'm sure. Lovely, my dear...Just absolutely lovely!

AND, I am so happy for you and your dear MTL with the great news from the oncologist! HOORAY AND BRAVO!!!!

Young at Heart said...

happy birthday .....and what good news....lovely pictures, veru Susan Hampshire!!

Pat said...

Kath: lovely to see you:)

Naomi: thank you. I usually stretch the day into a week:) So glad you like seeing the pics again.

Young at heart: thank you- yes the good news was a very timely birthday present. I could do with Susan's height.

Blazing said...

Many happy ones Pat. So nice to see good news. Chuffed to mintballs, as they say.

Pearl said...

I knew it. You've always been beautiful.


kenju said...

I am so pleased to heat that new - and to see your wonderful photos. You were (and still are) a beautiful woman!! The photo of you with your son on your shoulders is priceless!

Pat said...

Blazing: 'chuffed to the mint balls' I like that:)

Pearl: I think youth makes us all a bit beautiful. And then it's down hill all the way.

Judy: I lost a waist and gained a bosom:)

rosneath said...

hip, hip hooray!!!
(and I love the pics ...you haven't changed a bit!)

Pat said...

Rosneath: thank you. I love it when my friends put on their rose-tinted glasses:)