Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brits: two things for your diary today!

The Oxford Cambridge boat race at 3.45pm. Champagne is on ice. Don't want to sway you but, up the dark blues!

The clocks go forward tonight so we lose an hours sleep. The photo is the year the Cambridge crew sank ?1951?
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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Our clocks did that a few weeks ago now---I LOVE it staying lighter later...! That's when I know Spring is here....!
I hope your team wins, my dear Pat!

Ponita in Real Life said...

We changed our clocks a while back also, and it's lovely.

I was going to say those men look a little low in the water! Did they spring a leak or were the waves a bit high???

R. Sherman said...

I'll pass on the crew, as we've got our NCAA college basketball tournament cooking. Alas, my University of Missouri Tigers lobbed a stink-bomb on the court early in the tournament.

Sort of like that Cambridge team in the photo above.


Z said...

It was Oxford that sank in 1951, I think. Cambridge sank in the late 1970s, I remember watching them continue to row, even as the boat sank beneath them.

Dark blues for me too, as my father was an Oxford man and never acknowledged the other place. I never visited Cambridge in his lifetime. The Sage's father and brother went to Cambridge. We're both too polite to be too partisan in front of each other, which has taken the fun out of the race for both of us!

The Unbearable Banishment said...

We did the clock thing already (see Ponita).

That priceless photo is the perfect metaphor for a financial world gone awry. I don't doubt that some Cambridge grads were contributors to the troubles.

john.g. said...

I agree with Z, as I remember the sinking.

angryparsnip said...

My son studied at Cambridge ( in his quest to see how many schools he could go to to get his degree ) so I was able to visit Cambridge and fell in love with the city and area.
Up to that time I had only visited Oxford and I am so enamored of that city it is so beautiful. Of course the TV shows I watch seem to always film in Oxford so I get to revisit even if only in film.

I live in the Mountain Time Zone so we never change our time and I must admit it makes life so much nicer ! As I get older the time changes are harder to adjust to.

Hope your team wins !

cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Naomi; they did win but both crews fought with great courage.

Ponita: I think it was the waves and they were swamped.

Randall; our crew were the lighter - all Brits with the exception of a great German lad. We won:)

Z: sorry - got the date wrong - see query - but it is definitely a Cambridge crew.
Next year why not let your hair down and back your favourites. The Sage may be being polite because he thinks you expect it.
Maybe it was the champers but I was jumping up and down with excitement.
A bit of friendly rivalry is fine between lovers.

Pat said...

UB: do you always have to be first?
I like your metaphor;)

John.G; you should always agree with your mum 2!

Parsip: Cambridge is lovely - especially round the river - but my heart belongs to Oxford.
I wish we had a constant time zone. It causes me problems twice a year.
Just e-mailed you. thank you so much.xxoxo

Eryl said...

I love the longer evenings but the losing an hour's sleep kills me and I have to work at the paintball site tomorrow.

Did they win?

Pat said...

Eryl: poor you. I hope the weather is good then it won't be such a drag.
Yes we won but I don't like triumphalism so am playing it down apart from the odd YIPPEE!

debra said...

I was only confused for a little while when we changed our clocks this time. This is quite an improvement!

sablonneuse said...

It was certainly a good race but I wish it could have been a bit closer. The Cambridge team looked really depressed afterwards didn't they?
Yes, we remembered to change our clocks. It's not so good for getting up an hour earlier on Mondays for my day of work in town but it will help when feeding the hens earlier and earlier as the mornings get lighter.

Pat said...

Sandy: that's the thing about the boat race - it ends in elation or despair. Last year we (Oxford) led most of the way and then went to pieces. I was relieved it didn't happen again this year.

Macy said...

I'm on a DIET - so my clocks only spring forward at dinner time tonight....!

Jimmy said...

Ahhh the boat race and the daffs, a yearly reminder that the summer is well and truly on its way.

john.g. said...

Sorry, Mum2!

Pat said...

Debra: yes it's the good end of the year - for me anyway.

Macy: I know the feeling. I'm having a naughty Cornish pasty with lots of veg and the last of the champagne.

Jimmy: grand isn't it?

John.G: forgiven:)

Guyana-Gyal said...

Are you going to be there Pat, or will you watch it on tv? What fun to be right there, on the river banks.

My goodness, look at them, low in the water. Did they swim for land?

Pat said...

GG: we've had splendid days there in the past but now its the TV.
I'm sure they all got safely to shore . The most dangerous part is the dirty water - full of nasties, even in these enlightened days.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Pat, you are spoiling us :) boat race, champagne *and* Cornish Pasties? (sighs longingly) x

Pat said...

Kate: sorry - hope it didn't make you too home sick but you'll be back for your book launch - 'The Beauty Chorus' in April. Well done that girl!

rashbre said...

I always support Cambridge, use wooden punt poles and stand on the proper raised platform.