Monday, October 25, 2010

A man named Kim.

Today October 25th is his birthday and I'm joining with Debra and friends to wish him a Global Happy Birthday. If you don't know him read his blog - it's all there - how he overcomes trials and tribulations with the help of a loving extended family and courage. He is old enough to be my youngest son but I often regard him as a wise father. He is a gifted photographer and writer and manages all this despite a debilitating illness. And he's not just a figment of my cyber imagination. I met him last year - see below.


Kim and Rogan in Minehead April 2009

Third blog meet

First it was Granny P and her ‘Beloved’ a couple of years ago, then last summer Zinnia and Shayne – both rewarding and pleasant experiences, so three and half years on I should have felt quite blasĂ© about another meeting, especially as I had come to know my cyber friend as a kind, gentle man -.but I’m always nervous about meeting someone for the first time.

Then there was the fact that they were making a long detour on a difficult journey from South Devon to Chesterfield, on a Bank Holiday, on our country roads with holiday traffic, parking problems and the high street given over to the Friday Continental Market, plus the relentless rain. But each phone call was calm and reassuring and by the final one when they were safely in the zone, the rain had stopped and I was minutes away. I relaxed and found myself smiling at the two figures outside Mr Micawber’s, the cafĂ©/restaurant where we were to have coffee.
Micawber’s had been recommended by the girls but they warned it gets very busy and sometimes difficult to get a table. We climbed the stairs and there was an empty table for four. All potential problems disappeared.

Kim looks younger in the flesh and Rogan – his son - is a nice looking boy with a smart spiky hair cut. We talked and drank and ate and talked and laughed, and you know that when elevenses merge into lunch you’re having a good time. Considering the magnificent cakes Rogan makes he was very kind about Micawber’s but that’s the sort of young man he is. Many of you know Kim already and I don’t need to tell you what a generous spirited person he is. To my surprise I found myself unloading a couple of personal demons on him and was touched by his understanding and wisdom.

By the time we walked to the car park I’ll swear the sun had come out. We took photos and I admired Kim’s camera which he won with the beautiful photo on his blog, a couple of posts ago. When they had left I found myself wandering round Minehead in a state of euphoria and MTL mentioned that he thought I would have been back earlier. So did I. By now they are safely back with Meg and Maggie and I’m so grateful that they took the time and trouble to stop by.

All bloggers mentioned are on my side-bar, and well worth a visit.

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debra said...

Well, we did it! Thanks for joining in the worldwide celebration! xo

angryparsnip said...

I remember reading this when you wrote this last year. It was a lovely post then and still is today.
Kim is a lucky man to have such wonderful friends like you all.

I hope he was surprised !

cheers, parsnip

Queenie said...

I remember this post, too. Happy birthday, Kim!

Mary Witzl said...

Hooray -- you did this too!

Kim's visit with you sounds lovely. And Rogan is the kind of kid who can sit down with a couple of grown-ups and not be climbing the walls within seconds. Great story.

Kim Ayres said...

What a wonder you are, Pat! Thank you so much for this - what a superb birthday present!

Meeting you in person was one of the highlights of my year, and I really hope we can do it again sometime :)

And for anyone who reads the comments and might be interested in my version of our meeting, I blogged about it here:

Meeting a Legend

Eryl said...

Hurrah, it worked!

I'd forgotten about this story of your meeting, lovely to read it again, X

R. Sherman said...

Great story. It's nice to read it again.


savannah said...

what a great tribute! i remember the story of your meetup. one day, i hope i am as fortunate. lovely post, sugar! xoxoxxo

Pat said...

Debra: I'm so thankful I got the timing right - eventually:)

Parsnip: pleasantly surprised I should say.

Queenie: it seems to be deja vu for many.

Mary; at last! Someone who hasn't read it before! I so envy the Scottish contingent - being in spitting distance as it were.

Kim: I hope it is a splendid day and a happy healthy year.

Eryl: I must learn to do American dates then maybe the automatic will work next time.

Randall; your turn next;)

Savannah: It was great that it worked. Smashing idea of Debra's.xoxoxox

Guyana-Gyal said...

At first I thought I'd imagined the words 'debilitating illness'. Kim always sounds so vibrant on your blog, Pat.

My goodness, look at how father and son resemble!

Pat said...

GG: over a year has past and I believe Rogan has grown up quite a bit.

Kim Ayres said...

Rogan now has longer, floppy curly hair and he's taller than me...

Pat said...

Kim: now we're all longing to see a photo:)

Mike and Ann said...

Bloggers should make the effort to meet up more often. I've only done it once -Armoury meets Four Dinners- and it led to a very pleasant afternoon for all concerned. Next time we're near Minhead Pat............... (if we may ?)

Pat said...

Mike and Ann: Yes that would be nice.