Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Postman always rings twice.

Bong…Bong…BOINGGGG… our new cathedral chimes are still a surprise. The Heavens had opened and I noted MTL had placed the odd bucket in the garage as I went to answer the door. A pox on flat roofs.

A ruddy faced, grey haired man in shirt sleeves, shorts and an official looking bright yellow tabard stood there – fairly sodden. Our postman – but he had already delivered.

‘I’m worried about Mr D. Yesterdays post and milk are still there and he always says if he’s going to be away,’ he told me.

Mr D is a friend and I knew he had a holiday round about now but am a little out of touch with recent events. I said I would try phoning him and also our neighbours. The postman thought they were away. I remembered Mr D was friendly with a family lower down the hill but couldn’t remember their surname.

I did some phoning – leaving messages and the door bell chimed again and again it was the postman – for the third time, and completely unfazed by the deluge. Happily he told me the family down the hill knew where Mr D was as their sons – railway enthusiasts like Mr D were on a train journey , the train had broken down and they would all be home that evening. Great relief all round and kudos to our Postie. I’ll forgive him his blaring radio as he zooms round in his little red van.

For the first time in weeks we have a free day and consequently were both fast asleep when the phone rang at 8.30am. I didn’t get there in time but there was a message from Mr D thanking us and reassuring all was well.

Good news - MTL took a message from the Lodge that my bed is safe for next Wednesday – now the day of the operation. We had a pre – admission visit yesterday and one of our favourite nurses said how well he was doing, that lack of appetite was the norm after that particular op and his weight was within the healthy area. Happily he is eating more and gaining strength.

By Friday afternoon the promised phone call from the District Nurse re the ‘flu injection still hadn’t happened, so at risk of being thought a pain I rang the surgery yet again. The trouble is it is always a different person and it’s not easy to ascertain if they have taken on board relevant detail and God forbid that I should speak directly to the District Nurse. Firmness prevailed and within half an hour one of our own nurses came and did the deed. She said as his carer it was important that I should have one also and eventually I made a date to go the surgery on Monday. She apologised that she hadn’t thought to bring two.

They have had problems as the firm who supplied the vaccine had sent 100 instead of 600 for the patients booked in for next week so 600 letters had to be sent out. They won’t be using that firm in future.

I have been looking into Carer’s Allowance and at first glance it appears that the patient has to have Disability status. Although the patient can only walk a little way at a time nothing has been done about this and I’m not holding my breath.

Lovely day today. Have a happy week end.


kenju said...

I hope that your carer's allowance will be forthcoming, Pat.

It's good to know that the postman keeps a look out for the people on his route!

Pat said...

Judy: than you.
Yes I was very impressed.

savannah said...

small town living does have its perks! i'm glad things are looking good and himself is feeling stronger! much love to you both! xoxoxoxoox

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

I am thoroughly ashamed of myself. I haven't been reading your blog properly these past couple of months and completely missed what was going on with you guys. Glad to hear YTL is well on the road to recovery, having an ace nurse like you on hand must help. I feel a right nana moaning on about my stupid little illness which turned out to be nothing more than a virus. I will now go and stand in the corner until you tell me I can come out again.

Pat said...

Savannah: thank you dear. We feel ready to embark on the next part of the journey.

Daphne: so glad you are feeling better. Not only can you come out of the corner but I will give you a cyber sweetie. There!

Kim Ayres said...

If you can, do pursue the carer's allowance. Apparently there is more money not given out to people who are entitled to it than is being claimed by those who are not.

Just imagine if the gov't put as much effort into paying those who need it as they do trying to clamping down on benefit cheats - they'd be even more out of pocket

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Pat. I found your tale of the Postman and Mr. D. very reassuring all round. That Postie deserves a commendation for good observation, and behaviour over and above the call of duty. Rare I'm afraid, these days.
Warm regards, Mike and Ann.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Kudos to the postman!

And good luck for yourself.

R. Sherman said...

Good luck to you, dear all around. BTW, it's nice to know, people still look out for each other.


Pat said...

Kim: I'll do my best but if it is dependent on the patient claiming invalidity benefit it will be difficult.

Mike and Ann: you are right. It had a nice pre-war feel about it.

Kevin; thank you and you still haven't told me what happened to the flying pigs.

Randall; thank you. I thought you'd appreciate that.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

These posts really are a proper gut-check for those of us who tend to get a bit too mopey for no proper reason at all.

Queenie said...

Three cheers for the postie. Ours are similarly community-minded - one, a man, sells Avon products door-to-door to raise money for charity, and has raised thousands of pounds so far. So glad your bed is safe and best of luck for the coming week.

Kevin Musgrove said...

The pigs will be back once I've worked out how to embed them in the new template, honestly.

Pat said...

UB: as long as it's comforting rather than depressing I'm happy.

Queenie: now Avon on the doorstep - that would be handy. Wonder if I
dare suggest it. One of their shower accessories was the best anti- mozzie ever. Thanks for the wishes;)

Kevin: on the other hand the piggies did slow things down a little.

debra said...

So the postman rang.....thrice.

Best wishes and love to you, dear Pat.

Madame DeFarge said...

Good for the postman. I think we do take them for granted these days. Hope all well and keeping things crossed for next week.

Pat said...

Debra: I wish I'd thought of that:)
Thank you.

Madame D: all seems to be going well thank you, and we are braced for the next part.

angryparsnip said...

So nice that the Postman looks after his route.

Good thought are being sent your way !

cheers, parsnip

lom said...

what a lovely postman. We get a different postman everyday, so there's no hope of that every happening round here.

When number 1 was little we used to have a milkman who kept an eye on us all. He would always ask after my son and once I told him he wasn't very well and I couldn't get out of the house he took my shopping list and brought my shopping for me the next day.

It's nice to know that this type of thing still goes on

Pat said...

Parsnip: thank you. Glad you are back safely:)

LOM; it's just in the last few months I've noticed we seem to just have the one. I hope he continues.
Years ago - when I lived in Tunbridge Wells - I got the post man to get rid of a bird that flew in the bathroom. Then I had to get rid of the post man!

Anonymous said...

as always, you write such lovely stories and this one is full of good news it seems!

Guyana-Gyal said...

That postman story is the best. Such a positive tale, where people still care, and you too, phoning to find out.

Which reminds me, I'd better call the water co. to tell them of another burst pipe in the area where I walked early this morning.

Please give my sunshine wishes to YTL and take some for you too, dear Pat.

Pat said...

Rosneath: what a nice thing to say. Thank you;)

GG: sunshine wishes are just the ticket - thank you. Another sunny day which is such a help all round.

Keith said...

In reply to your comment on my blog I can assure you that I DO read your page regularly, but sometimes I feel that a comment isn't really necessary because you are such a good writer that my trivial remarks seem so out of place!

Talking about writing, when is your autobiography being published? I'm sure it will be fascinating reading. I can hardly wait, because I did meet you once many moons ago when I worked for the BBC. I don't suppose I will get a mention tho? No? I thought not!

Pat said...

Keith: just teasing but your comments are always welcome.
It's as pleasant as a smiling Hi!
I'm afraid the book is way back on the back boiler as I'm fully occupied with getting MTL back on form. I hope you have made a full recovery from your 'flu.

Maggie said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to drop a note off on my blog. I'm glad MTL's surgery is upcoming, and I so hope this will take care of it all.

They still don't know what wiped me out, but everyone is pleased that Mikey's cancer may be operable after all.

Hugs to you.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You have had a busy time of it Pat.....And, once again, I am reminded that 'nothing is easy'. Nothing! I think things have gotten harder since that advent of Computers---which were supposed to make our lives easier, right?? Wrong!
Your Postie is a really Hood Guy! I love that he followed through including letting you know that Mr. D. was akive and 'well'.
So happy to hear that your bed is secure at the Lodge! Wednesday will be here in a heartbeat,
Holding good thoughts, my dear.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Should be "GOOD", not Hood....HELP! (LOL)

My word Verification is Sooo Funny!!!

Eryl said...

Your postman has made me feel all warm and well disposed to humanity. Not that I ever really feel badly disposed to it, but these sort of stories remind one how good people can be. That he bothered to come back and let you know all was well, so you wouldn't worry unnecessarily, was such a nice touch.

Both my in-laws got temporary disabled status when they had to undergo long term medical treatment (for cancer), your doctor should be able to help you (or YTL at least) apply.

Glad a nurse finally arrived with the flu jab, and fingers, toes and eyes crossed for Wednesday, X

Pat said...

Maggie Naomi and Eryl: I have just had the wretched message 'Service unavailable' and my comments to you obliterated. Please forgive me for not repeating - I should have copied and pasted but bless you all and thank you for your kind thoughts. I really appreciate them.xoxoxoxoxoxox