Sunday, October 10, 2010

Home Again

There was the usual last minute dither – will he go home today or tomorrow – with me wondering if I should – if I could - book another night at the Lodge. In the end after phoning the hospital at 9.30 am I was told I could collect him at 11.30am and my brilliant landlady was able to phone a gentleman who was eager for my room.

In the end it was 1pm before they finally allowed us to leave but then everybody was happy and we had a safe journey home. I was thankful that I had managed the driving, parking and manoeuvring without mishap. On the way home MTL said

‘You’ve got your confidence back – driving.’

Actually I’m still a mess inside but a strange sort of inner rage carries me through. Weird!

I had planned to fill the operation time by taking a bus to Taunton for some retail therapy but the staff all seemed to be saying how much less of an op this was compared to the previous one so I thought I’d better stay put. Just as well because, although the nurse said,

‘Don’t worry if he’s back later than you expect,’ at 10.30 the stomach churning started until he was wheeled in soon after 11am.

Back home how great to get rid of the medical paraphernalia we no longer need. All seems to be working as it should and we just have to persevere with building up his appetite once more. Reminds me of when the boys used to be difficult with certain foods. I haven’t yet told MTL:

‘Cowboys love baked beans,’ but it could slip out at any time.

We have two visits to the surgery tomorrow; one in the morning to take blood and one in the afternoon to change the dressing. Sadly they couldn’t merge them apparently. I’m very impressed with the neat little wound. I’m not quite sure what speedos are but he could wear then with impunity.

Have I told you lately? We are both so very grateful.


Queenie said...

Hurrah, hurrah! Love to you both xxx

angryparsnip said...

Woo Hoooooo !
Your back home safely !

Hugs all around !

cheers, parsnip

Eryl said...

So very happy to read this, well done to both of you for getting through it with such grace. Treat yourself to a little kir tonight and, perhaps, a square or two of chocolate, you deserve it, X

mapstew said...

Wonderful news Pat! :¬)


Madame DeFarge said...

So glad to hear this news. Any man who can wear speedos with impunity must be doing well.

Kevin Musgrove said...

"All seems to be working as it should and we just have to persevere with building up his appetite once more." - !

You could have let the poor devil get across the threshold before you jump on his body!

savannah said...

What absolute fantastic news, Pat! We are so very happy for you both! xoxoxox

Pat said...

Queenie: it's great isn't it. Hope all went well up north.

Parsnip: thank you. The charm is with me;)

Eryl: with your permission - one kir and two small kit kats. Ta muchly;)

Mapstew: thank you. Some day you must teach me your faces. I only know :) and :(

Madame D: I assume they are tight trunks.

Kevin: thank you - I needed that laugh;)

Savannah: I can feel your warmth all across the ocean.xoxoxoxox

Granny Annie said...

Oh the marvels of modern medicine and the marvels of enduring love.

mapstew said...

Pat, that's my real face! :¬)


The Unbearable Banishment said...

Well, that's a fine thing to read first thing in the morning. Well done.

I put speedos on once and the authorities threw a blanket over me.

R. Sherman said...

I'm glad all's well, dear. As for speedos, better you not know, methinks.


Anonymous said...

glad to hear all the right people are now in all the right places ... a long wait bravely sustained! love to you all ...

Guyana-Gyal said...

You're back, all is well. I have a biiig happy smile on my face now.

Haha, Kevin is wicked :-D

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Pat. We are both very glad to hear that Y.T.L. is home, and in decent working order. We'll carry on with what my late grandmother use to refer to as "Having a word in the right quarter".
Warm regards to you both, Mike and Ann.

Pat said...

Grannie Annie: two beautiful phrases.


UB: Photos?

Randall: sometimes I think I have led too sheltered a life.

Rosneath: kind words - not really deserved by me.

GG: you just have to laugh;)

Mike and Ann: thank you. I've been having a word in the right quarter for many years now - good times, bad times, thick and thin - your Gran had the right idea.

Shane said...

Cowboys may love baked beans, but I'm feeling distinctly Indian today.

Pat said...

Shane: you must have been a nightmare as a little boy:)

Maggie said...

Wonderful, wonderful news. I'm applauding from here and assume they got it all. So pleased for both of you.

Yes, driving, I find my mind shifts back into a long unused gear and I am 25 again. I could drive anywhere then. :)

debra said...

Oh, Pat! that's wonderful news. I'm so happy for you. We were on the road, and I'm just reading this, now.

Pat said...

Maggie: thank you. We just need to Zap some of the surrounding lymph glands so start chemo soon. He's eating now which is such a boost.

Debra: I'm so glad to be able to share our good news.

Scarlet Blue said...

Brilliant news!
As for the driving, I know exactly what you mean about the inner rage seeing you through... same here!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Good News, My Dear! And I bet you are both very glad to be home---though having to go back twice so soon is not the best schedule, is it? Hoping that your dear MTL begins having a GOOD appitite soon and that ALL will be well and back to normal, once again.

Pat said...

Scarlet: it's not just driving it gets me through:)

Naomi: I thought this was going to be a quiet time but every other day there seems to be an appointment. I'll have to start going to bed earlier.
The appetite is improving thank goodness.

The Cloudcutter said...

Dearest Pat, I am so happy that you are back, and all is well. Good luck with the recovery and I'm sure it will all go smoothy from here.
"Actually I’m still a mess inside but a strange sort of inner rage carries me through."
I can understand what you mean and I think it is so true of most women. Sisters have this amazing internal strength that seems to erupt like a volcano when needed the most.
You're an inspiration, as always.
Much love XOXOXO

Pat said...

CC: thank you. We are all sisters under the skin I think.

kenju said...

Pat, I've been so busy the last 5-6 days that I've missed your posts. It is wonderful to hear that all went well and the patient is healing nicely. Speedos are/is a tiny, elastic swim suit that leaves nothing to the imagination!!

Enjoyed the photos of the room, bath and surroundings!

Pat said...

Judy: thanks for that:)

lom said...

Wonderful news Pat love to both of you

Pat said...

LOM: thank you - it's great to be back home.