Friday, October 15, 2010

Fat Bird contd

I'm ready for my close up Mr de Mille. Please note the divine aqua feathers and hot orange accessories.

These sunflower seeds are very moreish. 'Scuse my rear.
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john.g. said...

They love corn!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh He is a Darling Bird! Pretty and looking well fed, too.
I hate to admit this but I look like him/her in those first two pictures without having any!

Pat said...

John G: I guessed you would recognise it.

Naomi:well you have to have some protection for the winter - I tell myself:)

Mike and Ann said...

Hi Pat. Please don't tell your feathered friend, but I had one of those for dinner last night (a red legged partridge). It was delicious.
See my blog later today.
Cheers, Mike.

Pat said...

Mike and Anne: don't worry - your secret's safe with me.

Kath said...

Haha, you've got me laughing out loud in the office! Great photos and commentary

Pat said...

Kath: glad you enjoyed it:)