Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Warblings

We both liked the chemo doctor; he even joined us in a giggle when he said:

‘Afterwards see the Sister – she’s on the way out.’

He confirmed that the cancer had been surgically removed, that it hadn’t spread but that some of the surrounding lymph glands had been affected. I gathered that without further treatment there could be a possibility of a recurrence. There are no guarantees. He asked if we minded him speaking frankly and of course we didn’t.

The chemo will last for six months – two weeks treatment, one week off. It will consist of injections and tablets – carefully monitored to see how the patient is reacting. Some people, he said, sailed through it but in some people it causes a great weariness and various reactions. I asked what one could do to make it easier re diet etc and he said the usual healthy European diet was best and exercise and that the nurses would give me more information.

The great news is he can have it done at home- which is such a blessing. So we are presently enjoying his improvement in general health and appetite – he even had a beer last night. And making the most of the lull before we hear from the nurses.

Sometimes I think I’m married to a paragon. The nurses often said what a gentleman he was and yesterday the hygienist spent half the session eulogising him. Makes you wonder what they have to deal with as a rule. Sadly she is leaving which was a shock. There was a quick hug and a quick mop round my specs before paying the receptionist.

Coming back up the lane I was overtaken by a police car cruising slowly towards our house. Round the corner I saw it entering the drive of next door. I knew they were on holiday so went through the garage, out of the back porch and climbed the steps through the wooded bit. When I reached the hedge – completely invisible I called out,

‘Hello. Can I help you?’

They asked if they could come round and talk to me. I acquiesced and eventually we met up outside the kitchen window. It seems they had a call from some woman who was worried she hadn’t been able to get in touch with the lady of the house. The night before I had had a regular call from my opposite neighbour checking we were OK and he happened to say next door were returning today from a few weeks holiday. I told the police this but they wanted to know where they had gone and did they have family so I pointed them in my vis a vis’s direction for more info. All no doubt will be revealed.

Lovely sunny day today and no appointments. Oh good the hedge cutters have arrived. I was beginning to think they had forgotten. We shall see the church once more.

PS Interestingly the physician said he didn't believe in cocooning the patient during treatment, that any infection usually came from the patient themselves.


dinahmow said...

Pat, we don't know each other and I've only recently become a reader...but, I think you are of an age to remember those English magazines, so beloved of women, where "true life " stories were published, to help people come to terms with the hideous medical diagnoses they faced.
I see the same empathy in this.

Pat said...

Dinah: thank you - I'm certainly of an age to remember and appeared in many of the magazines as a photographic model.
Writing about our experiences is also to help me and I'm very happy if it helps others. Cancer used to be unmentionable and I found myself reluctant to use the actual word but we have progressed so much in the last decades in this and mental health issues. I believe in pulling the monster out of the cupboard and facing it head on.

savannah said...

re: MTL

what excellent news! i had to read it out loud to the MITM because why tears were forming. (yes, good news does that to me) we send love and good vibes across the pond to you both! xoxoxox

your neighborhood sounds like the perfect place to be - everyone looking out for each other. hope all is well with next door!

Queenie said...

I like the sound of your chemo doctor. So glad the next stage of the treatment can be done at home, that's great news. Here's hoping he's one of the 'sailing through' types. Fingers crossed xxx

mapstew said...

Good good good good good! :¬)

(And it's beautiful here today too.)


Pat said...

Savannah; thank you both. The other good news is he shouldn't lose his hair - anymore then he has already. If I wash it I can fluff it out:)

Queenie: sailing through would be marvellous but I'm sure I can glean some little tricks to make it easier - so many bloggers have been through chemo. As you say fingers crossed.

Pat said...

Map: I'm happy for you:)

angryparsnip said...

Woo Hoo... Pat such great news.
And I like your friendly neighbors !

cheers, parsnip

kenju said...

I shall keep my fingers crossed that he sails through the chemo with no bad side effects!

Pat said...

Parsnip; yes we chose well 25 years ago.

Judy: wouldn't that be grand? Thank you:)

Mike and Ann said...

That's grand news Pat. I like the sound of your physician. He sounds a sensible chap. Keeps the patient in the picture (instead of in the dark, as some still do).
Best regards to you both, Mike and Ann.

Eryl said...

Wonderful that the chemo can be done at home. The advances in medical technology are really quite astonishing. And lovely to hear, too, that the patient is feeling so well he drank a beer, that does seem like progress.

Your neighbourhood sounds pretty marvellous as well, nice to know that there are still people who look out for each other.

The day turned out to be a lovely one here too, though it was minus two and a half when I got in the car to go to work this morning. It will soon be time to look out my woolly hat!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

My dear Pat, I dearly hope that your dear MTL "Sails" through the Chemo....It is amazing the different things they have now---so very many combinations and choices that the doctors have before them....And how GREAT that he can have it all at home, too....! And he drank a Beer....! Hooray For Him!!

It is really wonderful that you have neighbots that check up on each other to make sure all is well. I used to have a bit of that, but not for years now. People have become so much more isolated here---at least up here on my street.

Our weather here lately, has remninded me of where you are Pat...Cool, Rainy and Foggy. In a way, a welcome change....(lol)

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

I'm sure he'll brave it out with Scottish grit. It's not a death sentence any more. Thank God. A non-lesbian kiss to both of you.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Good news all round, excellent stuff! It's good that he can have the chemo at home, friends and colleagues with similar experience say that it helped them feel in control of the process and that seemed to help them "feel recovered."

I feel it's bad of Daphne not to offer a lesbian kiss to the poor chap though. If he's going to be denied the pleasure of waking up in the morning surrounded by young women in nurses' uniforms he should be allowed some consolation. ;-)

Four Dinners said...

He will be fine babe. I just know it.

Just tell him I'll have the hump if he isn't and he will be...;-)

Thinking of you both. Very much. xx

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Of course, it's not so good that he had to do chemo but at least it's in the comfort of your home. You've got to embrace the blessings when they're offered up. You're a rock. Anybody ever tell you that?

Pat said...

Mike and Anne: I have to confess I googled him first and was pretty sure he would be nice.

Eryl: brrrrh! Sounds like 'when greasy Joan doth keel the pot' weather. Keep warm:)

Naomi: I'm sorry yours is no longer a caring neighbourhood. At least you have beautiful views. Imagine living in an unfriendly, ugly city. And you have many friends to whom you are very important - both actual and cyber.

Daphne: what a clot I am. Am I forgiven? NL kisses received with thanks;)

Kevin: that's encouraging.
BTW I'm supposed to be the consolation and he will get glimpses of visiting nurses, which is good as they can back me up when I'm trying to get him to be a model patient ie do as I say. He hasn't quite got the hang of that yet

FourD: I'll pass the message on and thank you.xox

UB: funny you should say that. His first landlord - way back when I was 17 said I was a brick - all nurses were bricks. I think I'd rather be a rock.

R. Sherman said...

I'm glad all is sailing smoothly, dear. As for the chemo-reaction, the right attitude does as much for one's recovery as anything, I think. You English with your stiff upper lips are particularly suited for that.

Continued good thoughts and prayers from across the pond.


Guyana-Gyal said...

He's not doing as you say? Tut tut tut. Tell him your readers will be disappointed, we're expecting lots of good things from him :-)

You're in our thoughts, prayers, and look...Daphne's even sent you non-lesbian kisses, haha.

Mwah x x mine are filled with sunshine and good cheer :-D

Pat said...

Randall: you are absolutely right about attitude and I'll do all in my power to make sure MTL has the right one;)
Thank you xox

GG: thank you for all that:)
Daphne must think I'm a prize idiot.
Good job she has a sense of humour.

lom said...

I am very very pleased for you both, love and good wishes to you both

Pat said...

Many thanks LOM:)

Maggie said...

How interesting. Here they infuse you at the hospital and it usually takes about five hours. They do isolate you here for the first week. My friend B is feeding the family all organic foods and believes that really helps. Hugs.....

Pat said...

Maggie : thanks for that. I'm learning all the time.

Kim Ayres said...

So good to hear the main treatment has been successful and the chemo can be done at home. Lots of ((hugs)) and best wishes :)

Pat said...

Kim: thank you. So far so good so we trust our luck will continue:)

Madame DeFarge said...

Hurrah to hear the news and hurrah that he can come home. And every husband is a paragon to other women. They usually don't have to clean up after them. Do take care and relax for a bit.

Pat said...

Madame D: I like the definition of a gentleman: someone who doffs his hat before he takes his trousers off. And I'm not sure if I didn't make that up.
Thank you - I am taking care and relaxing - at present all is fairy normal.