Sunday, August 22, 2010


The rain it raineth on the just

And also on the unjust fella:

But chiefly on the just, because

The unjust steals the just’s umbrella.

Lord Bowen 1853/1894

Il pleure dans mon coeur

Comme il pleut sur la ville.

There is weeping in my heart as it rains on the city.

Paul Verlaine 1844/1896

I thought we were in danger of being washed down the hill last night. Forget cats and dogs; it was raining rhinos and elephants.

We did have a small catastrophe later on. There was an almighty crash which set my heart a flutter – we were in different parts of the house- MTL joined me in the hall and we stared at a four foot wall clock which inexplicably had crashed down from the top landing gouging paintwork, plaster and wall paper en route. It has never worked during my reign and will suddenly set off chimes for no reason so as far as I am concerned its time is up and I never want to see it again.

Tomorrow should be fun: Joy picks Jackie and me up at 8.30am to drive us to Taunton where we get a train to Cheltenham. If all goes to plan Margaret will meet us at the other end and we will spend the day with her inspecting her new house and garden and generally catching up on the last six months. There may be tears.

When we get back home – pretty late - I shall have the pleasure of seeing our French son who is visiting for a few days to help us through a busy time. On Tuesday for instance we have three separate appointments in different parts of Taunton which require accurate timing. I’m hoping there may be a chance to stock up on make up which I can only get in Taunton.

So next week my posts and visits will be haphazard. Plus ca change…

Whenever I talk of rain I always think of that marvellous film based on a Somerset Maugham story which I think was called Rain but the film was Miss Sadie Thompson. If you get a chance to see the film do – it’s stayed with me for decades. Rita was sensational and Jose Ferrer such a swine (as he was meant to be)


kenju said...

I hope you have a lovely time with all your friends and a safe trip. I think I saw that movie years ago, but I'm not sure. I suppose that means I ought to watch it to make

lom said...

Did you have a bit of a earth tremor to cause the clock to fall?

Pat said...

Judy: watch it - you'll love it:)

LOM: there's something weird going on . No sooner had I finished my post the bell started ringing nonstop. No one at any of the bell pushes. We put a wedge of kitchen paper twixt bell and clanger but it is still making a buzzing sound. I'm going for a quiet sit in the garden.

savannah said...

at some point in high school i read everything he wrote and thanks to tv saw many of the b/w movies. joan crawford as sadie thompson stayed with me for a long time. xoxox

enjoy the mini holiday! ;)

Pat said...

Savannah: it is a gift of a part for any actress. I never saw Joan in that but Rita - as they say over here 'gave it some welly'!
Incidentally the photo makes her looks as if she has two odd eyes. I must find a better one.

angryparsnip said...

A visit to see Margaret, her home and the garden... pictures please.
Good Luck on the Appointments, and shopping in Taunton.
I just love the way you say French son is visiting and my visions of him zooming over as though it is just from down the street (as it is for you) and not so far away (as it is for us)
Lovely !

cheers, parsnip

R. Sherman said...

I trust you'll have fun. (We had a thunder/wind storm as well and I lost a boatload of shingles. This means a week trying to round up a roofer.)


Pat said...

Parsnip: long distance can be very difficult sometimes. It's always great to see any of them:)

Randall; bad luck! But then we're not in Pakistan thank goodness.

Z said...

Verlaine - I have mournfully uttered that quote many times, but not read him since 1972 (French A Level!)

Pat said...

Z: all too apt at times.

Granny Annie said...

I wish I could go visiting by train:)

Queenie said...

I love the Lord Bowen rhyme and often recite it. I hope you have a wonderful day today, that everything goes smoothly tomorrow, and that you have a lovely time with your French son.

Pat said...

Granny Annie: why not? It is a rare treat for us and an expensive one.

Queenie: thank you. With those good wishes I'm half way there;)

Guyana-Gyal said...

It's just started raining here, thank goodness, a light shower after four humid, hot, sticky days.

Must be the rain that's set off the old clock. Has it stopped?

Those old movies. I plan to collect them, and have a feast.

Enjoy, have fun with your friends and family, Pat.

Nea said...

We had a tremendous storm here on Saturday night too. Lightening that turned night into day and thunder that shook the house. We'd all gone to bed, but had to get up again and go out onto the porch to watch the show. I love a good storm and this one was the best I have seen.

Good luck on Tuesday and hope the weather is more clement for your trip.

Pat said...

GG: the clock hasn't gone for years. I'll be glad to see the back of it. The day was exhausting but worthwhile although I don't plan to be a passenger with two 80 yr olds - driving in the dark - anytime soon.

Nea: the weather wasn't great but we avoided getting wet and the evening was beautiful. I've just received 'The brightest star in the sky' and am relying on it to get me through an anxious time next week.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

There's a song from "Twelfth Night" that starts..."When that I was, and a tiny littke boy, with a Hey Ho--the wind abd the rain...."

And it ends...."...And the Rain it Rainith Every Day....."

It sounds like you all are having the almost-Hurricane-type-Rains....Dear Me!
I loved you saying Bye Bye to that Clock! LOL!

Hope your day with the girls was WONDERFUL, and I hope your week will go well too, with the Helpful Hands of your French Son....!

BYW: Sweetie wrote a post today...!

Pat said...

Naomi:..'And the Rain it Raineth Every Day.....' lately I think of this quote often.
My French son is the reason posts are a little sparse this week but there is always time for Sweetie:)