Friday, August 27, 2010

Margaret has done three of these tapestries chronicling their married life. I asked who would get them when they kick the bucket and she said they would probably end up on the tip. I don't believe it for a moment

This delightful hill with waving grasses is a boon from their windows. The garden is 5 months old and an Aladdin's cave of precious plants

A lovely bright sitting room

There are two of these chairs which I loved - so comfy. Malcolm's father had them made in his factory in the twenties. Very arts and crafts
. For years they have been stuck in the garage but now with bright new covers they have come home. They recline too. That's Margaret
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Granny Annie said...

What does it mean "to end up on the tip"?

I adore their bright lovely sitting room.

Pat said...

Granny Annie: 'the tip' is a way of saying 'the dump' ie where unwanted items are disposed of. They are usually run by the local council. I hope that clarifies.

angryparsnip said...

Love Love Love the photos.
I remember seeing on the TV show "Ground Force" a garden like this one, long, narrow with very close neighbors. Very different from where I live.
Thank goodness they have that wonderful hill to expand the visual garden and how fabulous is the 5 month old garden... Thank goodness the garden to the right is also taken care of.
Garden Envy here !

I must say I love the choice of wallpaper, what a charming way of continuing the garden into the home.
Very Japanese, William Morris look.

Lovey post !
cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Parsnip: it is a fraction of their original garden but more suited to their present situation.
The paper is very effective and just on that wall.

Luna said...

The marriage tapestry is such a creative idea. :) A good way to always remember the journey and growth of the relationship.

Pat said...

Luna: the detail is incredible- All the houses they have lived in and their younger daughter was very ill as a child and there is a hospital bed with a drip.