Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Monday went well and we got the perfect parking place. One of the people we saw was Dawn French’s doppelganger with her Corrrrrrnish accent which brightened the day. We were done by lunch time, so called at the super big nursery for lunch and bought some bulbs: 25 Crocus Ruby Giant, 12 Iris Pauline and 12 Crocus Striped Beauty - purple, striped lilac and deep blue. Hopefully next week I’ll have time to finish the pots and let Karen do the bulbs. I never seem to get them deep enough although these are quite small.

I also renewed our depleted fat balls – the birds seem to be shunning us – and had the delight of watching a cheeky shrew sitting atop of one - inside the feeder. He munched happily, waited till I had brought my camera from upstairs and then shot off before I could focus.

Today’s excitement is a visit from the Red Arrows over Minehead. For days it looked as if they wouldn’t make it – they were grounded when engineers detected a crack in the ejector seat of one of the planes based at RAF Valley on Anglesey. Now the MOD have confirmed they have been cleared to fly following safety checks. I believe the Red Devils – the official parachute display team of the Parachute Regiment will also appear.

I shall try to catch some of the action from the balcony but, although we overlook a deep bowl, there are many old tall trees around and I can’t spare the time to go down to the town today.

Acknowledged as one of the world’s premier aerobatic teams, The Red Arrows are the public face of the Royal Air Force. The Red Arrows exist to demonstrate the professional excellence of the RAF and promote recruitment to the RAF. Evidence shows that The Red Arrows have inspired a significant number of people to join the RAF, both as officers and airmen, and to all trades, not just aircrew.

The Team contributes to Defence Diplomacy, and supports wider British interests through the promotion of British industry overseas. The Hawk aircraft flown by the Team and most of its components are all British made. Thus during overseas tours The Red Arrows demonstrate both British skill and British technology to an enormous number of people each year.

An early start tomorrow for another trip to Taunton. I’ll try to work on the book I wanted to tell you about.


Eryl Shields said...

I'm so glad the Red Arrows are still going strong. I remember the excitement of hearing about them appearing here and there when I was a child and then finally seeing them, amazing!

Is now the best time to plant bulbs, I think I might try them?

Pat said...

Eryl: it seems there are bulbs for all year round. I think you want stuff that will come up early Spring. I just read the labels and hope for the best. They are good value - I have Queen Fabiola popping up in the summer - years old.

rashbre said...

Strangely, I just saw a Lancaster bomber fly past today. I wasn't quick enough to snap it though.

Pat said...

Rashbre: I down loaded some shots of Red Arrows and Red Devils - just in case:)

rosneath said...

I seem to have lost all my crocuses when the lawn was relaid. So i have taken your advice and ordered afresh from Sarah Raven - love her - but her dahlias only lasted one season with me!

Pat said...

Rosneath: oh dear! I shall be watching closely to see what happens to mine. One of them is presently swarmed with tiny ants which have now been seen to.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It sounds like this was a good day all around....And a trip to the Nursery, too....Everrything sounds so Beautiful Pat....I know you will be happy when all is planted...!

Pat said...

Naomi: fingers crossed tomorrow goes off so well.