Thursday, August 13, 2009

The tomb of Mohammad Ghaus

Ghandi's tomb


Hindu Temple Birla Mandir
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angryparsnip said...

Your photographs have a wonderful feel to them. Great depth of color and a luxuriant feeling to them.

Your writing made me feel like I was there.

kenju said...

Pat, when did you make this trip?
Did you see the Taj Mahal?

PI said...

Parsnip: Oh good - that's what I hope for.

Judy: it was 2000 November. I think it was a special birthday treat and the Millenium. Yes to Taj Mahal and as Naomi would say - more later:)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

How did I miss this Post?? I've been very distracted I guess....
Looks like a fabulous trip, Pat...I see from your comment above that you were there in 2000.....I wondered, too! I figured these were not digital pics, but I thought it might even have been in the '90s.....Hard to believe we are almost at 2010!!!
I look forward to more, my dear.

PI said...

Naomi: I will do more but it takes time as they are all in albums and I have to scan them. Then I start trying to decipher my notes and before you know it the day has gone;)