Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bits and Pieces

On Saturday I watched and listened to part of the Prom featuring John Wilson, a conductor whose speciality is in re- creating sound tracks of classic movies such as MGM musicals. It was glorious. I love to watch musicians when they are impassioned. Curtis Stiger sang one of my favourites - Heather on the Hill and in the musical interlude part the violinists bent over their instruments like a mothers comforting their children and then flung their heads back-in joyous abandon, hair swinging over their shoulders,. It was quite orgasmic.

On Sunday morning Andrew Marr was on holiday getting drenched in the West Country and Stephanie Flanders stood in for him on his current affairs programme. I liked her style and the way she kept her cool interviewing General Sir Mike Jackson – former head of the British army. Not only did he commit the unforgivable sin of taking his mobile on the set – it was switched on. He got a call and Sir Mike – ever so slowly - switched it off. Then it rang again and gained Sir Mike’s full attention which rather left us hanging. It seems he didn’t really know how to switch it off and finally flung it in disgust off the set. I mean it gives us oldies a bad name. Even I know how to switch my mobile off.

I was glad to see Sir Terry Pratchett in good form: he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease- old Timer’s Disease he calls it. He has joined in the debate on assisted suicides. He thinks there should be some sort of tribunal to make sure requests are bona fide and not a result of ‘gentle persuasion.’ He has often worked with coroners: ‘All the ones I have met have been former lawyers with much experience of the world and of the ways of human nature. People with wisdom in fact.’
For his own demise he wants to be in his garden listening to his music with a glass or two of brandy. If wet in the library.

I still haven’t mastered my recorder so chose to watch ‘Single- Handed ‘instead of Rivers with Griff Rhys Jones. Good move. It’s written by Barry Simner – is a three-parter and worth watching for the ravishing West of Ireland scenery. It is a dark gripping tale and I’m hooked.


Eryl Shields said...

Perhaps Sir Mike's mobile was new and he hadn't got to grips with it yet, poor man, though, how embarrassing!

Jimmy Bastard said...

"If wet in the libary"

....now that is class.

Queenie said...

I am a big Terry Pratchett fan. Also very glad you don't have to have surgery at this stage. (Just catching up after my break - yes, lovely, thank you!)

Scarlet-Blue said...

When did you start playing the recorder?
Apologies, I am in dozy mode and misread.

Charlie said...

Sir Terry has another Discworld novel—his 37th—coming out in October in the U.S. The man isn't going to give up easily.

"When did you start playing the recorder?"

That's a good one, Scarlet-B.

PI said...

Eryl: but surely - as in hospital there are notices - saying NO MOBILES. It would be chaos else.

JImmy: of the highest order.

Queenie: missed you. Are you back?

Scarlet: you're heading on the right path to end up as dozy as moi.

Nea said...

On Saturday, make that early Sunday morning I went to a Lady Gaga show accompamnied by eldest daughter, talk about orgasmic :) It was also hilarious and the lady in question had done her homework, learnt some Swedish, knew where she was and most surprising of all could actually sing and play the piano...even if it was with the help of her stilettoes ;)

PI said...

Charlie: I'm ashamed to say I have yet to read him but I do really admire him.
Did I use the wrong word for recorder? Scarlet is quite a gentle wit:)

Nea: I'll have to google her. I still remember - vividly - when I drove my eldest and pals, to see James Brown at the Rainbow theatre.
Precious memories.