Monday, August 10, 2009

I had roasted fillet of Sea Bass with Creamed Leek mash, Black Trumpet mushrooms, Roasted Shallots and Orange Sauce which was delectable.

What man doesn't like ham , egg and chips?

Having enjoyed the orange sauce so much I elected to have Orange Tart with creamy chocolate ice cream. The tart wasn't quite orangey enough but the ice cream made it quite scrummy.

Afterwards we cooled off in the water garden.
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Jimmy Bastard said...

So, in answer to that old song lyric, Yes.. they do shoot horses then, but only in Exmoor.

As for the sea bass.. magnifique dear lady, I'm hungry just looking at the photies.

Take care hen.

Kim Ayres said...

That sea bass looks good! Although I must admit, the ham and eggs...

Kath said...

Yum to all!

kenju said...

Another lovely outing, I see.

The wedding I did flowers for on Sunday had 3 visitors from England. One was from Essex and I didn't catch where the others came from. They mentioned the cool, wet summer there - so I guess they will be glad to know that summer has arrived.

Charlie said...

All great photos, Pat.

We have wild horses here on the Indian reservation and they are really something to see.

And I always love your photos of "quaint" English towns and villages because that's something we don't have.

It's a difficult decision, but I believe I'll have the ham and eggs.

PI said...

Jimmy: handmade shoes and sea bass. what would the boyos say?

Kim: gotcha!

Kath: all that was missing was your iced tea:)

Judy: arrived and gone again:)

Charlie: I love to see the wild horses - in fact any horses running free. That wasn't a particularly flattering photo of Exford - but it's unmistakeable.
Is that with or without the chips? (fries?)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a lovely Lunch at such a lovely place.....! Everywhere is so picturesque there in your Area....well, all of The UK looks so picturesque to me. Quaint little Villages, etc.

When I saw those Dark clody Skies, I thought---'more rain'...You know that summer when I was in England for a little over two weeks, it didn't rain once and was----they said----unseasonably warm. It was now 16 years ago! It does seem to me you have had soooo much rain thgis year.

john.g. said...

Ham,egg and chips!

PI said...

Jimmy: ' shoot horses' it's taken all day but I got there in the end:)

PI said...

Napmi: I'm glad you were lucky with the weather when you were here. We had another lovely day today but it's regional.

John.g: no surprises there then:)

Eryl Shields said...

Egg and chips is one of the great culinary pairings as far as I'm concerned, add ham and well... sublime.

PI said...

Eryl: I never order chips and some times wonder if it is worth the sacrifice when I see convex instead of concave. Ah me!