Monday, August 03, 2009

A Reprieve

The consultant was in Taunton so we allowed lots of time for traffic and parking. All went smoothly so we had quite a wait when we arrived – our fault not theirs. We could have had coffee but the machine made such explosive noises I knew I wouldn’t be able to cope with it so just had water which was one of those jugs like a rubric cube which you have to master before you can get it to pour. I had taken Angela’s Ashes but find it difficult to read in waiting rooms. There were twin boys aged about seven and they were so sweet and well behaved. I hope they didn’t have a serious problem.

There are a number of consultants in the building so people are coming and going all the time; before long a receptionist took me up a broad staircase and showed me into the consultant’s room. She rose from her chair and greeted me with a firm handshake. She reminded me of the hardworking house surgeons I used to work with and immediately inspired me with confidence.

She had the notes written by the registrar I had seen initially.

‘I see you were given quite a lecture by the registrar.’
‘What was it about?’
‘She wanted me to come off HRT.’
‘And have you?’

We had a chat about my symptoms and then she examined me – painlessly - and a nurse brought a scanning machine like they have in soaps with pregnant women and I could see my innards. Nothing abnormal to be seen and as she thought I was border line for an operation she suggested I see a Professor D who was a specialist in the sort of intense physiotherapy which she thought might solve the problem.

I’m to see the Professor – another woman - for two or three sessions and then we’ll decide if that has done the trick.
Downstairs I made an appointment for September and collected MTL from the waiting room. We had both quite forgotten that he was going to come in with me. I think he was relieved at the outcome.

Back home I got a phone call from the receptionist to say I had left my diary at the desk but as I groaned, she sweetly said she would post it on to me. I also had an urgent email asking for an answer to an email I had received earlier in the week and to which I had already replied a couple of days ago. That panicked me so I sent a duplicate and then managed to establish by phone that the first one never arrived but the second one appeared as I was speaking. Emails – it seems can go astray.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Yikes, reading this, I felt very nervous for you - hospitals and all medical things have that effect on me. But you seemed so calm. Were you scared? I hope the therapy works.

Hm, based on what my mother said [she's read the book and keeps telling me to read it], Angela's Ashes is not hospital waiting-room material.

I like that explosive sounding coffee machine.

savannah said...

Sending good thoughts and positive vibes across the pond for you, sugar! xoxoxo

Kim Ayres said...

I'm sorry to say, Pat, that if there were twin 7 year old boys and they were well behaved, then something was defintitely wrong with them...

Leah said...

That sounds quite positive, and I'm bolstering you with good thoughts too!

I cannot read in doctor's waiting rooms--that's where a bit of mindless knitting comes in for me. That way I can fret and knit, fret and knit.


Dave King said...

My brother has to visit a consultant in Taunton. Strangely, I thought I heard echoes.

PI said...

GG: I felt there was no need for alarm and there is always the writer part of one's persona ready for new experiences.
I know what your Mum means. I'm only on Chapter 3 and already three of his siblings have died. In fact the last one was such a shock my gasp made MTL jump in bed last night.
But the writing has a music that is sublime.

Savannah: thanks. Got'em:)

Kim: you are wicked!

Leah: bless you! That made me laugh.

Dave.K: not another Somerset blogger?

Jimmy Bastard said...

I trust all is well, and as it should be Pat?

john.g. said...

Mum2, *hugs*!

Middle Ditch said...

You're still on HRT! I was taken off that years ago. No choice. The problem was that I had to go through all the symptoms again! If only the doctors had told me that this would happen I probably would have never taken it in the first place.

PI said...

Jimmy: all is well - I honestly cannot grumble:)

John.g: thanks hon.

Middle Ditch: I came off some years back and - like you - had the repeat symptoms and a couple of fractures so went back on.
I know the risks and made an informed decision and was happy to find this consultant right behind me.
Everybody has the right to decide for themselves IMO.

Prof. Worm said...

"I know the risks and made an informed decision ..."

I daresay you do, Pat. When it is OUR body and OUR health, we have the ultimate say what will or will not be done to it—and that can only be done with due diligence.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I hope whatever the therapy is will do the trick, Pat...Glad to hear that she was a GOOD doctor inspiring confidence....! That means Soooo much!

Edelweiss Transplanted said...

So glad the consult went smoothly. I hope the physio takes care of everything and that you're 100% fit very soon.

kenju said...

Be careful with HRT. A huge study over here, done for at least 10 years showed that it was not beneficial at all. I was always afraid of it and came off it after only 4 months.

Leigh Russell said...

I agree with Monique - you have to do what feels right for you. I hope it all works out well and quickly for you. I'd be more stressed about leaving my diary behind than anything else... ! How nice of her to return it - aren't people nice!

PI said...

Prof.W: thank you for your belief in my judgement.

Naomi: I have confidence it will work - if not I'll have the op.

Eidelweiss: thank you for the good wishes:)

Judy : it is different for everybody and that hasn't proved true in my case. If it all went pear shaped tomorrow it would have been worth it. I do think quality of life is more important than quantity but it is a decision everybody should make for themselves and of course not everybody is predisposed to be able to take it.

PI said...

Leigh: now I'm confused. Who is Monique?
Yes on the whole people are basically decent and kind. I've sent you and email. Hope you get it:)

lom said...

sending love your way PAt

Eryl Shields said...

I missed this yesterday. Let's hope the physio works so no op will be needed.

HRT, mmm... I think I need it and agree that I would rather live in good spirits than miserable for longer. It's so bloody hard to get them to give it though, I've had to go through all the 'alternative' remedies and not one has helped. Time to insist I guess.

I never believe what I read in the media about such things either, if you read the research direct you find that those 'huge' studies are tiny, and I know several health researchers and they all say you can get prett much the exact results you want, often without realising you are directing things in that way!

Mickle in NZ said...

Hello Pat, so pleased the medical appointment went so well for you, and you had consultant that listens.

Super best wiashes that the physio helps you. I'm a pre-menopasal woman on hormone treatment including HRT for a gynae problem. I wouldn't get through most days without the mix of medication.

Good luck working out how the new super television works. Enjoy your ongoing Summer,

care and huggles, Mickle and Zebbycat, xxx and purrrrrrrs

Kanani said...

If you're not having any problems with HRT, then I wouldn't give it up either!!

PI said...

Lom: much appreciated.xox

Eryl: if you had any of the predispositions that make it hazardous then of course it is not for you. For anyone - like you - intelligent enough to weigh up the pros and cons it should be for you to decide. Good luck with it.xox
re statistics - I was married to a statistician and gathered they could be made to prove almost anything.

Mickle: interesting to hear a positive comment on HRT. I'm glad it is helpful to you.
Thank you for your kind wishes and when the family come later this month I hope to get the TV ;and recorder to do my bidding:)

angryparsnip said...

I missed the last two posts . . . don't know where my head is/was.

I'm kinda' lost about what is going on but it sounds like you have it under control. I will keep good thoughts coming your way !

Nea said...

Had to look up HRT...I'll take that as a sign of my youth rather than one of ignorance :)

Good luck with the physio.

sablonneuse said...

Glad the hospital visit went better than you had feared. Personally, I wouldn't take HRT again but I think you know enough about your own circumstances to decide what's best for you. Hope you manage to avoid an operation altogether!
Emails are a pain aren't they. It's annoying when they don't arrive and you don't get a message saying they were not delivered either.