Monday, July 14, 2008

I think the photographer is starting to wilt.

Why does this remind me of the Kaiser?

Beautiful bike - but a bowler?

Camouflage ? On an orange bike?
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Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

An orange jumpsuit would have looked better.

PI said...

Daphne: on closer inspection he seems to have a bit of a pot so maybe orange would be a step too far?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I had no idea that there were so very many varieties of Harley's...!!
Do people paint them, themselves???
They all---at least in this parade--Have such an individual feel to them.....My brother had an old fashioned plain old Harley "back in the day".....I should tell him to come see this post, Pat....(Though he never ever goes to mine--even when I tell him about something I think he will find interesting...LOL)

Your Sussex Grandaughter is a good photographer!!!

PI said...

Naomi: I am excited that your brother may visit but as my family - apart from # 1 son, show the same lack of interest I won't hold my breath:)
I don't think they paint them them selves - they look too professional.
I must pass on the compliments to granddaughter. On her behalf thank you.xoxo

Kath said...

You make the best photo captions!! Very funny :o)

problemchildbride said...

That kaiser one's a laugh. I wonder if that's the effect he was going for. I'd have booed the blaggart all the way back to Dover.

PI said...

Kath: thanks. Trouble is I know nothing about bikes.

Sam: If it was it was quite brave of him. It is quite comic.

apprentice said...

A great selection there - f:lux will be jealous!

I fancy one of those big trike ones.

PI said...

Anna: I'm hopeful F:lux may come round and see them.