Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dorset Photos - Part 1


For more information see post below - June 29th

The Church of Saint Candida. During our visit the flower festival had marriage as its theme and there were 18 arrangements from 1st - Paper to 75th - Platinum.

The grave of Georgi Markov - murdered on Waterloo Bridge in 1978

A fragrant welcome in the porch.

This beautiful arrangement is Blue Sapphire - 65th anniversary.
This is the shrine of Saint Candida and the three holes are where Pilgrims would thrust their disabled limbs for them to be restored. One fat pilgrim manged to get inside and - miraculously was pulled and squeezed back to the world.

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Nea said...

Beautiful shots, Pat.

But Georgi Markov's headstone concerns me. How can it look so old?
1978 wasn't that long ago was it?

PI said...

Nea: I know it's thirty years because we reach it next year (Pearls - yum yum!) Nothing in the graveyard looked new. I can only suggest its a very licheny sort of place and has the ability to age quickly - part of its charm. Good job we were only there for a week. I noticed MTL was looking quite brown.

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

My new upstairs neighbours are Bulgarian ... I shall be watching them closely, especially when it rains.

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures - and beautiful flower arrangements!

The media reported a couple celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary last week! They're both over a 100 years old, and it's their 'oak' wedding. They still looked incredibly happy together.

R. Sherman said...

As always, thanks for the photos. The theme for the flower show, sounds like a good one -- a place for florists to show their stuff for last minute purchases made by husbands who've forgotten their anniversary!


PI said...

Daphne: I'm going to be worried about you now.

Marjolein: that's incredible . You'd think they would have something a bit more glamorous that oak for a 100. At least a big rock:)

Randall: 'husbands who've forgotten their anniversaries.'
Who are these people?

problemchildbride said...

Excellent photos, Pat. That church entrance looks like just the place for a bride to take a last deep breath of single air before the walk to the altar.

Eryl Shields said...

The church is lovely, all that pale stone.