Wednesday, April 16, 2008

View from guest room balcony

Branch devourer

Finished product
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sablonneuse said...

We're still having to wait for the grass to dry out enough between rainfall to keep our grass down, but, I agree the noise of machinery can ruin a quiet Sunday (or any) afternoon can't it?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Like you, I find that Branch Eater just horrendous! A few weeks ago the little hill across the street from me was cleared of just about everything...It took a couple of days and that machine just about drobe me bonkers! And the incline looks quite! But it all was a terrible fire hazard!

I must say that tree looks like it was trimmed very very well, and with some artistry---which is always helpful, isn't it....!

Kate said...

OOOer look at that blue sky - it is so gorgeous - and the trees will be too, once they have aged another wee bit, I know the leaves are a nuisance at the end of the season - but think of the amazing and fantastic show of colours at that time. We do live in a beautiful World don't we. Kate x.

PI said...

Sablonneuse: I managed to get our son to do it as I didn't want Karen to waste precious time on the lawn. Now it's short again MTL can do it- hopefully. The garden is already looking much neater and cared for.

Naomi: I'm glad you approve of the way he has done it. I don't know enouugh about it. I can't wait for the leaves to burst forth. They look beautiful when they are young and fresh.

Kate: yes it is a thing of beauty which I am grateful for most of the time.

kenju said...

I'm sure it will be much prettier when it leafs out. We have all that noise going on around here too.

Kanani said...

I have a giant elm in the back that needs pruning. But the man wants $1,300 to do a small tree in the front and the elm.

I don't have it right now!
So every so often I go out there and whack off what I can standing on the ground!

PI said...

Judy: all I can hear at this moment is bird song. Mind you it is 5.26am.

Kanani: that's an awful lot of money. Just don't stand under it when there is a gale.