Thursday, April 24, 2008

The first rose

Hosta before the snail' onslaught

The bees love this berberis?

White camellia
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kenju said...

Lovely photos all, Pat. I checked my roses today and they should be blooming soon.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh....Those White Camelia's are sooo lovely!

PI said...

Judy: thank you. I look forward to yours.

Naomi: It is lovely but goes brown very quickly. My friend Margaret gave it to me years ago and was amazed the other day at how it had grown.

Sam, Problemchildbride said...

Did my comment take?

I just wanted to say what a beautiful garden you have, Pat. Bluebells are my favourite but there's a lot of rather exotic looking things there too. The leaves on these camelias look so lush and green.

Hope YTL is getting some good rest and feeling comfortable. You too, Pat. You must have had quite a fright too.

PI said...

Sam: we have had buckets of rain. MTL has had a good quiet week and we are slowly getting back to normal. I'm a bit sad we didn't get over to see my grandson as he goes into the army in May but we both decided it was better to stay put. We have booked a cottage in June but it isn't far and gives us the ability to keep to our usual routine - old fuddy duddys that we are.
I have just watched a weird film with Bjork - 'Dancing in the Dark' - heavy going but I had to see it to the bitter end. She hangs.

Sam, Problemchildbride said...

"she hangs"?


Comedy, was it?

PI said...

Sam:you could say it was a musical tragedy. But weird. Do you remember the dead swan dress she wore at the Oscars? That gives you a hint.

PI said...

BTW: in UK we spell camellia with two ls. 'Cos we're funny like that:)
Although I always say cameeelia.

kenju said...

Thanks for the visit, Pat and yes, indeed, I AM serious!

PI said...

Judy: did you recognise my John Macinroe impression?