Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Instow April 2008

I regret the paucity of photos - if you read below you will understand. I hope to visit you all soon.
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Guyana-Gyal said...

Paucity? These 3 are perfect. Actually, I thought it was some place in the Caribbean or Oz.

I'm now going to read your post below.

john.g. said...

The high life again! LOL.

savannah said...

xoxo's for you both!!!

Kate said...

You lucky lady, the scenery looks beautiful Pat.

apprentice said...

Dear Pat, so sorry your relaxing trip turned into a medical emergency.

You know you don't earn the kind of kindness you experienced by accident! You are a caring and gracious lady and therefore it is only your own kindness, that many here have seen in action, being returned to you.

Hope you are both over this wobble.


PI said...

GG: glad you liked them:)

Johng: no no we were on the ground floor.

Savannah: MTL is getting spoilt.

Kate: it is a lovely spot.

Anna: thank you for those kind words. They do help and we are fine now.