Friday, April 04, 2008

Karen and Stellata Magnolia
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sablonneuse said...

Karen doesn't fancy a busman's holiday in the Ardennes, does she?

Sonia said...

What a beautiful photo!

john.g. said...

What's the bush? A variety of Magnolia?

PI said...

Sablonneuse: I told her I had blogging friends in California so she may look further afield. Not if I can help it:)

Sonia: yes the sun came out yesterday.

PI said...

Johng: yes - it's a Stellata. I had it in the opposite bed and it failed to thrive; then I moved it and it just growed. MTL thinks it's too near the house but it's not being moved again.

West Somerset Creative Project said...

Pat, Rob here but posting from the site of a new West Somerset organisation I've got involved with.

Karen looks as good there as when she is digging our garden.

I never thought to take her photo and put it online, though :-)

As a writer, would you be interested in the new West Somerset Creative Project?

It's new, free and it's all about bringing together creative people (like yourself) whether they are writers, artists, musicians, theatre lovers or whatever.

We need to spread the word in West Somerset about our existence and any connections you have in the artistic world locally where you could mention us would be appreciated.

By for now


PI said...

Rob: I'll come over and visit when I have got tomorrow over.