Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our vis a vis has his trees lopped

I have only just finished cleaaring last year's leaves.
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Kim Ayres said...

The man in the tree is obviously a peeping tom, Pat, and you should have either given him a show, or called the police, dependng on your frame of mind at the time.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Spring is here! Do you realise how GREEN it is, where you live?

Haha, the man in the tree does look like a peeping tom.

PI said...

Kim: I was in my dressing gown with my camera. I felt the guilty one.

GG: the green comes from the rain - although our hill is supposed to be a drought area, but my buckets have been full for months.
I did think of giving him a quick flash but thought if he fell out of the tree my conscience would prick.

Anonymous said...

You've certainly got a beautiful view (men in trees aside).

PI said...

MissD; thank you and welcome!