Tuesday, March 04, 2008

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Recently a friend told me her husband had slipped on the ice and was badly bruised. This has left him with two frozen shoulders which causes a lot ot pain, sleepless nights and a great deal of disability. This is especially irksome to someone who is normally very active especially in his beautiful garden. Now even driving is off limits. I recognised the dismay in her eyes as she saw far horizons vanishing and the boundaries getting ever closer. This has happened to many of my friends. I'm thinking of starting a CWWC - a clipped wings wive club. There are a lot of us around.
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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I hear you, Pat! Lately, all I hear about is people having physical problems....and as you say, things that curtail one's activities in a BIG way....! I think the Clipped Wings Club is a perfect idea! (lol)

Kim Ayres said...

Will you have a jar to keep the clippings in?

Casdok said...

Sorry to hear about your friends husband. Husbands can be very debilitating!!
Beautiful photo.

R. Sherman said...

Even though I don't qualify for membership, may I inquire if drinking wine will be involved?

Just askin'


john.g. said...

You wont get me on ice, oh,no. Dry land is bad enough! lol.

kenju said...

I could join that group - although I am not completely shut-in due to mr. kenju's stroke - I can't have the freedom I used to unless I am working away from home. It's hard.Tell your friend I am sorry. Blogs help a lot!

PI said...

Naomi: I think it is always a comfort to know you are not alone and that other people understand.

Kim: it would have to be much bigger than a jar.

Casdok:it is lovely. On her web site she teaches you how to add wings to any photo.

Randall: oh what an excellent idea. I hadn't thought of that, and I don't think many of us have signed the pledge.

Johng: I should think not:)

Judy: they reckon that every ten years you should reassess and change your life. i find even if one doesn't - it changes for you and one has to adapt. Sometimes keeping a cheerful face is hard but most of us have much to be thank ful for and blogs do help:)

moon said...

I feel bad for your friends husband...when someone u love gets hurt or falls sick..no matter what the age..as u said above, we should often reassess our lives when needbe...for our sake and those around us..It is the reason I had gastric bypass surgery last yr...I was so ill with diabetis and all the asides being affected because of it...it was time for me to make drastic change...1 yr later, I am 80 lbs lighter, diabetis free, and cut off most of the other meds I was taking...I feel wonderful. I know I am still young, but I was SO OLD BEFORE MY TIME these past yrs. Hubby and I work out together, so although he is in great shape already, he is my companion and just becoming even healthier...as I celebrate this 45th bday tomorrow (march 5th) I can only rejoice in the choices I made last yr :-)

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

It's not only wives, I know a few clipped-winged men, including two husbands and one civil partner all of whom who are only in their 40s.

PI said...

Moon: I admire you so much for what you have achieved. Have a great birthday (I'm Pisces too) and a wonderful trip to France. If only everybody who suffered health problems and could do something about it, would follow your example. If I sounded selfish and heartless it was just a momentary recognising my friend's plight. I totally sympathise with her husband, and I know I and my friends in similar positions, are so thankful we still have our partners by our side. That is the greatest comfort of all.

PI said...

Zinnia: of course you are absolutely right and my sympathy and understanding are with both sexes, and both carers and cared for - please see comment above.

sablonneuse said...

Blogs are good way to make up for lack of not getting about as much as one would like. It's great when people share their experiences.
Also, I think retiring to France makes up for not being able to go on holiday - it's a bit like being in a gite fulltime.

PI said...

sablonneuse: I'm sure retiring to France makes up for a hell of a lot. France and Greece have always been my favourite countries - full of great memories.


Caz has hurt her shoulder. Her claim that was done opening a bottle of beer for me is entirely scurrilous

PI said...

4d: hope Caz'z shoulder is better soon. BTW how is your - how can I put it- your last little problem?

Rob Hopcott said...

Pat, it's not fair aand so sexist to have a Clipped Wings Wives Club.

Under the Equal Anti-Descrimination Greeny Left Swinging Orienteering Independence for West Country Law, I demand votes for men.

Er, BTW, I'm really aching today from the two and a half hours vigorous tennis I played last night - any sympathy for a poor old 58 year old man? Do you think the rest of your group would like to hear about my tennis aches and pains?

PI said...

Rob: I do really feel for you. Perhaps we could fit you into a little splinter group.
I'm put in mind of that pome
'Do you think, at your age, it is wise?'
I mean two and a half hours!

Rob Hopcott said...

A splinter group sounds fine, Pat, as long as there is lots of TLC on offer.

BTW, I did another two hours tonight of racing around the tennis court.

Adrenaline surging, testosterone pumping!

Um, do you think I'll be safe in a room full of women?

Never mind, I'm now ploughing my way through a bottle of wine which should calm me down until my Sunday morning league match.

P.S. Any chance of some cheer leading and waving of pompoms on the side lines from the splinter group?

Nea said...

Your "Splinter group" reminded me of one of the words I got muddled up as a child. My older sister said she didn't want to get married, she wanted to be a widow, and I told her that she didn't mean "widow" she meant she wanted to be a splinter. I always thought it unfair that I was the one that got laughed at, my word was much closer than hers.

PI said...

Rob:if I can muster enough of the girls who can still bend their knees we'll form a Rah Rah group.
Give me an R
Give me an O
Give me a B ...etcetera etcetera etcetera!

Nea: sounds like the sibling rivalry I enjoyed.

Rob Hopcott said...

Pat, I'm hooked, you're booked :-)