Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back to Basics


In spite of a childhood where Sunday school and Chapel were the norm and prayer as regular a pastime as brushing my teeth, my knowledge of religious festivals such as Easter is sketchy to say the least. This year – maybe because there are just the two of us – I have felt a need to know more. I watched the third episode of ‘The Passion’ on TV, where Jesus is betrayed and crucified and plan to watch the first two episodes this afternoon and the final one tonight. It is all familiar but I find it comforting to get it clear in my head.

I happened on this blog yesterday which started me thinking. She gives an excellent explanation of Maundy Thursday, which previously I had just associated with Her Maj giving shillings to elderly men.



rosneath said...

Pat - you sent me here and now I have a new blogfriend coming to live in my greenhouse, thank you for the introduction! belle

kenju said...

My understanding of it is just as sketchy as yours, Pat. I also read Vicki's explanation and while all her posts are enriching in some way, this one was especially appreciated!

Happy Easter!

PI said...

Belle: I get some cryptic comments from time to time but this has me beat??????

Judy: I was happy to find it and will be visiting again. Vicki left a comment on the PCA post and I was tickled to be described as 'Kenju's Pat'.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I know less than either you or Kenju, or, I dare say, most people...(My excuse is I am
I LOVE those two pictures Pat...And I wish they would show that series here in the U.S. I know I could learn a lot from it....!
And the drawing is quite wonderful....!
I was over at Randall's and saw your comment...(And of course, your comment on my blog too, about our home being on a Hill....)
I don't think I could ever live anywhere else.....Being high up gives one perspective in ways that are incakcuable....Subtle ways....Plus....I just love the feeling that I am up out of the horrid air below---though it is an illusion I'm! Still, it comforts me to think I am not breathing in as much Smoggy Fumes as I might be if I were in 'the flats' of our city....!

It has been a very warm lovely lazy day here....two visitors, and mostly quiet....Good Stuff on TV, tonight....JOHN ADAMS....the HBO Miniseries, and the final episode of the season of "The L-Word"....!

By the way: I hope you will get "In Treatment" there in The UK...It is one of the most addicting TV Series I have ever seen....Garbriel Byrne, Diane Weist, and a number of other actors, Most of them new to me, except Blair Underwood and Glynn Turman---ALL Superb!! Terrificly wonderful writing, too! Watvh for it, my dear.

PI said...

Naomi: that's what makes it so complicated to understand because Jesus is said to be Jewish.
Do you remember the song 'The Folks who live on the hill'? I can't remember who sang it but it was a classic.
Warm weather here seems miles away.
The programmes you mention are new to me. Maybe we'll get them eventually. Now we have so many more programmes to choose from it's complicated. I'll look out for them.

Granny said...

Jesus was Jewish and I've heard that the Last Supper was a Seder. It's also been suggested that it coincides with Passover. I'll go read your link and find out what it has to say. Probably much more informed than I even though I was raised in Sunday School.

On Maundy Thursday, we usually have a pot-luck for our congregation and anyone else who wishes to attend followed by a foot-washing ceremony. I missed it this year but we've gone in past years.

One year our pastor shared the honors with a local Rabbi and we had an actual Seder.

Granny said...

That was my friend Vicki writing. As soon as I clicked over, I remembered reading it yesterday.

I'll now google The Folks Who Live On The Hill. Otherwise, I'll be going nuts trying to remember.

Granny said...

Here's a link to The Folks Who LIve on the Hill.

Take your choice on recording artists but it lists Peggy Lee for the soundtrack.

PI said...

Granny: lost my comment when I clicked on the link and Firefox wouldn't allow it. It was Peggy Lee I remember singing so beautifully.
I,in turn shall have to google Seder- ignorant little soul that I am.
From the 'The Passion' it sounded as if the Passover was over the week-end after the Thursday 'Last Supper'.
Your foot- washing ceremony must be interesting and really bring home what He was talking about.
I remembered Vicki from Hoss's blog. Small world isn't it?

PI said...


Sam, Problemchildbride said...

Vicki's post is great. I vaguely knew that Maunday Thursday was Last Supper Day but I didn't know the rest. Thanks for the enlightening link.

But why did the queen give shillings to old men?

Granny said...

The dates for Seder and Maundy Thursday are probably different year by year because Easter is a movable feast (rSunday after first full moon of spring) a strange way to arrange things, I think.

I don't think anyone knows for sure, do they.

PI said...

Sam:Easter - 'Maundy Thursday
Today our Queen does not wash feet or give clothing. Instead she gives out something called Maundy money, which is specially made for the occasion.'
Does that help?

Granny: the more one knows the more complex it gets:)
Thanks for the info.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Pat....I DO remember that song...Jerome Kern...And it was originally sung in a show I believe and then in a film by Irene Dunne....A lot of different people have recorded it over the years....I love that song!