Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Zoe's book - waiting to be packed

Penelope's book by my bed
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zoe said...

oooooooo! thank you pat!

PI said...

Zoe: I'm longing to get started.

Keith said...

Is that an "offensive weapon" I see? No, not Zoes book, the dagger on the bedside table!

Incidently, why do the police call them "offensive"? I thought that all weapons were offensive, thats what weapons are for!

I ordered my copy of Zoe's book weeks ago from Amazon, together with 2 others, and I'm still waiting. Bloody Post Office!

PI said...

Keith: I really ought to have tidied up but it offends my artistic sensibilities. Actually it's a letter opener - we have a few and they are all pretty lethal come to think of it.
I had my book on order since March and just as they were about to send it they found my card didn't match- well of course it didn't it was renewed in August!!!!!