Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My loo library
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yorlor said...

my house mate is working on eats, shoots and leaves. i'm getting ready to crack it open myself.

my loo holds the copies of Prevention Magazine my mum keeps renewing for me. i read a page or two every time i go.

my dad has the John books, the ones with thousands of factoids and three minute stories. fun fun!

here by way of goth. all his fault.

PI said...

Hi Yorlor! All are welcome but especially gothites. Prevention Magazine sounds interesting. I read Eats etc and still make bloomers - one just recently but rectified now so we'll forget about it:)

Casdok said...

I love loo libraries!!

PI said...

casdok: I hadn't realised there were quite so many there.

R. Sherman said...

I agree on books in the can. Only the best people have decent reading materials -- and air freshener, of course.

My loo library contains two years of Backpacker Magazine and The Last Season at the moment.


sablonneuse said...

We dare not keep books in the loo - even if there was any room - because Whale spends at least 40 minutes in there as it is. However, 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves' is one of my favourites.

Keith said...

My fav books for the loo are:

1. "Turkeys as Pet" - Bernard Matthews.
2. "Put your Foot Down!" - Dennis Thatcher.
3."Tall Stories" - Ronnie Corbett
4."Till Death Us Do Part" - Elizabeth Taylor
5. "Make Your Own Sari" - Enoch Powell
6. "Tennis Racket Care" -John McEnroe
7. "Motoring Through Israel" - Jean Marie le Pen
8. "Holiday in the Vatican" - Ian Paisley
9. "Make it Big on Your Own" - Nancy Sinatra
10. "Cake Cookery" - Alfred the Great

It doesn't take long to read them!

PI said...

Randall: the maagazines would go down a treat here.

Sablonneuse: I hope you have more than one. Loo that is.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Trying to read what that TOP book is looks like you or someone is in the middle of it...Fun picture, my dear. I don't have any books in my room for them....!

PI said...

Keith: thanks for that - it gets funnier every time I read it:)

Naomi: it's the Life's little Treasure Book of Wisdom and I do glance at it all the time.


Blogs in the bog. Love it!!!

PI said...

4D: they're everywhere these days.

Polly said...

His and hers loo rolls ???

PI said...

Polly: we cater for all tastes - toilet rolls that go over and toilet rolls that go under:)

rashbre said...

Glad to see the T.S. Eliot lurking in the stack!

PI said...

Rashbre: what big eyes you've got Grandma!