Tuesday, August 01, 2006



Sloth is waiting until the summer is almost over before recommissioning the fountain after its winter hibernation swaddled in various layers of plastic covers.  The object being to protect it from frost (which we rarely have) and prevent, rain, leaves and funny looking worm things sullying its inside.

I still haven’t found a satisfactory solution to this problem because every year when all the string and plastic is removed the fountain is full of dirty water, leaves and funny worm like things.  Hence the delay in tackling it.  And surely there is an easier way of getting rid of the water without scooping it out with a plastic jug?

One of my friends – when he first saw it declared I had ideas above my station.  And why not?  Imagine if I had listened to the house agent when we were buying our first house in the fifties when he said we would never be able to afford a house with a garage so why bother looking.  Just you wait, I thought.

The point about the fountain is that my ideal house would have a stream running through it.  Unfortunately the idea brings MTL out in a cold sweat.  The garden is my chapel, retreat, haven and the sound of running water was what I yearned for.  I had a windfall and MTL said,
‘If you are convinced that’s what you want be sure to get one that you can hear wherever you sit.’
  So I did.  And the lion’s have such wise kindly faces.  Shame the photo doesn’t show the water clearly.  It spouts from four orifices and spill over form the top.  Nice!


AndrewM said...

It needs a flagpole.

Life of a Banana said...

Water features are lovely to look at and play with.


A flagpole? Why not. If yer like water why not have a pond? Easy to do if yer want a natural looking one.

Dig a hole size n shape yer want. Keep the soil. Remove stones from bottom of hole. Put in lots of old bits of carpet or whatever to help protect the liner. Put liner. Sift saved soil. Put back some sivved soil over liner. Fill with water. For a few days you've a large muddy puddle. When the soil settles back you can plant water plants straight into the pond. Make sure you slope the pond round the edge so you can a) cover the edge of the liner for the natural look and b) hedgies can drink without falling in and drowning.

R. Sherman said...

I wish we had a garden. Unfortunately, our house is in the middle of what used to be pasture on a dairy farm. We have expansive views, but no real place to hide.

Yours looks great.

I like 4D's idea of a pond though.


PI said...

andrewm; but happily i don't.:)

LoaB: oh no dear - you are not allowed to play with it.

4d: you make it sound so easy. I'll bet you have a lovely one. Sadly - with all the grandchildren milling round I would never have a moment's peace. What I'd really like is a cascade - a la Deborah Mitford, Duchess of Westminster. Can't remember the name of her pile and if I google I'll lose my comments. I have some steps suitable - in a minature way.

Randall: is that 'wide open spaces'? You might find my garden claustrophobic. And do you really miss all that digging and mowing?

Z said...

I have a smallish garden pond (shallow on one side, deep on the other, so hedgies can drink but hibernating frogs don't freeze) but I really want a big natural pond. Can't have one, the soil is sand over gravel. I do have a stream, but it dries up in summer.
I grew up with 8 ponds, a waterfall and Oulton Broad at the bottom of the garden. Trouble is, if you start at the top, where is there to go?

Z said...

Isn't Deborah Mitford the Duchess of Devonshire, at Chatsworth?

PI said...

Z : as you say 'where is there to go?' I must say I'm more concerned about the grand-children than the hedgies. And of course you are right - I couldn't remember Chatsworth but knew perfectly well it was Devonshire which is why I typed Devonshire. And you see I've done it again.
Bugger! Why I typed Westminster.
Debbie would be appalled!

Sim H-D said...

I rather think Debbie would like it.

You get a better rent for Westminster these days, than a humble abode in Devon.

PI said...

sim: now I'm really getting confused. Isn't Chatsworth in Derbyshire? Still you're probably right nevertheless.


ah kiddiewinks fallin' in. Problem solved.

Buy bricks. Hit grandki...oops soz..dig about a foot down and remove stones n stuff.

Build wall about 2 1/2 - 3 feet high. Shape as you want. rectangle is easiest but whatever you want. Put in old carpet to protect liner. Put in liner and lay edge over top of wall.

Fill with water.

Once full cap off top of wall with crazy paving and cut excess liner.

There you go. One kiddie proof pond.

(Don't forget to wire up for a pump and get all the hosepipework for the pump & filter done before you fill with water though)

PI said...

Gee thanks 4d! Er...we were talking sloth here.

PI said...

Gee thanks 4d! Er...we were talking sloth here.

apprentice said...

Oh that's a lovely spot. Not sure what the solution would be to the storage problem. I want a formal pond, wgere the last wee patch of grass is, rest has given way to plants. ut my men absolutely refuse to let me dig it up. Need a devious plot.........

PI said...

apprentice; that's the best pun I've heard all week.:)