Sunday, August 20, 2006


I noticed in Saturday’s DT Obits Mick Dillon aged 80 had died. I used to live in the same lane as him when I was modelling. Mick was a jockey, a stunt man and an actor and was the only man to double for Buster Keaton. He came from a delightful Irish family and what they didn’t know about horses and racing wasn’t worth knowing.

I first met his brother Dennis who was a jockey ‘over the sticks’. We were both on the same train from London to Epsom, got into conversation and discovered our gardens backed onto each others. Dennis was such a warm friendly person; he immediately cut a gate in the fence so we could mingle.

Mick and his wife Brenda also befriended us and when I was expecting my first child gave me a super scarlet and cream high chair which their children had out grown. He got into trouble with his mother who told him he should never give things to rich people. I was a model so of course I was rich. Unfortunately not then – not ever.

I had never met anyone quite like the brothers. They both had weight problems, their bible was the form book and they were enormous fun to be with. They were great family people and Mick told his wife I would only be really beautiful when I was pregnant. I certainly was different – 4 stones heavier.
Mick Dillon – a charming man. RIP


Life of a Banana said...

why don't you upload some of your glamour girl photos?

PI said...

LoaB: I wssn't a glamour girl - more your 'girl next door'. I'm trying to keep things chronological - as far as possible. Have family here till Wednesday when I shall continue the story.


You liked him so he was ok. 80's ok but not old enough if your a good'n.

PI said...

4d; 80 is looking increasingly not very old!