Thursday, August 17, 2006


Was amused over the week-end to note an agony aunt’s incredulity at the fact that a woman, who was in her seventies, lived in a nursing home and couldn’t walk very far, was having a sexual relationship with a fit 80 yr old who lived independently. The lady who lived in a nursing home was feeling jealous that her boy friend went walking with another fitter seventy year old.

Was not amused to hear of another 70 yr old woman who has always worked, lived and looked as if she was twenty years younger. She developed a spinal condition which was treated with massive pain-killers to little effect. She learnt that she could be surgically treated with an excellent prognosis but was asked did she at 70, think it was worth it. I’m happy to say yes she bloody well did, had the operation and is now doing very nicely thank you. Maybe seventies are the new fifties?

I did feel sorry for a friend of a friend - Maud who is in her nineties and was finding getting in the bath difficult. Her son insisted she should have a walk-in bath and took her to the relevant shop in the High Street. They only had one in the shop and it was in the shop window. The son and the assistant insisted she should try it out and very reluctantly she did. Once ensconced she was mortified to see her personal bete noire approaching the window and the BN did the most wonderful double take until she got the full glare from Maud and realised she had better do an eyes down and carry on.

Then there is Hoss who has just got married aged 75 – a lesson to us all.

‘If you prick us do we not bleed?’
Will the Shake.


zoe said...

i reckon peter at naked blog is going to be one of those incredibly fit 70 year-olds in just over a decade's time. i have a lot of time for people who keep on going, age regardless. i think i stopped moving years ago!

PI said...

zoe: genes help but it's also in the mind. You, I confidently predict, will be fine!

Guyana-Gyal said...

My mother will be 70 soon and she's proving over and over, age is just a number.

As far as her grandsons are concerned, she is a Very Important Person, very necessary in their lives.

She is also VIP to her children.

So she'd better listen to me, her Boss, and eat and exercise as I dictate hahahaha

PI said...

GG: I wish i had a daughter like your Mum. I wish I had a daughter

OldHorsetailSnake said...

...and 321/365ths.


You're as old as you feel. I'm 136 n goin' strong.

PI said...

Hoss: only 44th's to go and we'll be twins again!

PI said...

4d; that's comforting then - I've a way to go yet!