Monday, November 05, 2012

A bit of a letdown

A bit of a let down.

I have become accustomed to excellent mail order service – mainly through Amazon- over the last year or so – a boon to less active folk,  so that it is a double disappointment when it goes awry.

 At the end of September I noticed an extra deep pure Duck Feather and Down Mattress Topper – five inches thick, in the Telegraph and decided to get it as part of MTL’s birthday present.  The trick is to buy him something that he will actually get out of its box and use, and with this he wouldn’t have any choice because I would be right there beside him.  On it!
When I tried to order online they didn’t seem to have the same details, so reluctantly I ordered by phone - this was early October – and they said it was out of stock till Oct 29th.  I ordered it any way.  In the middle of October I was surprised to see they had taken the money from my account.  Expecting delivery daily, it still hadn’t arrived this week-end.

 This morning I phoned again and discovered that it had been dispatched in the middle of October and returned.  The reason given:  insufficient address.  The person on the phone was apologetic – it wasn’t her fault - but when she gave me the option of a re- delivery or my money refunded I chose the latter.

 Was anybody ever going to let me know?  Now what?
Wish me luck – I‘ve just ordered another via Amazon.


angryparsnip said...

Wishing you LUCK !
It is hard for me to get out so Amazon is much appreciated. I wish I could go out but the crowds, the unruly children, plus the service people who seem to never be around to help .... it is an activity for people much younger and with better legs.
Hope this time it will be delivered.

cheers, parsnip

john.g. said...

Good luck! Mistakes happen, but they are annoying! x

LL Cool Joe said...

I've had this many times. I'm a big on-line shopper, but really it's all down to the courier company. I live in a small lane with 6 other houses, and one of the other houses has a similar name to ours and the times things are delivered to that house and the occupants don't bother to inform the delivery person it's the wrong house. I had it recently with a load of text books my daughter needed for school. Twice the guy try to deliver them to the wrong house and put a card through the door each time, but still they didn't bother to contact us.

It takes emails and telephone calls to get things redelivered. Very frustrating.

Chef Files said...

Pat, I ordered a bread maker, they sent me an ironing board. Twice!

Similar boxes they said....

Rog said...

Good blogpost title though!

Pat said...

Parnip: I'm quite new to it but it is a pain when it goes wrong.

Joey: that's not very neighbourly of them. Take them off the Christmas card list:)

Chef: well one can see how they could make that mistake.

rog: oh do you think so? Pure accident:)

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh My Dear----Well, I think you will have better luck with Amazon....! Though....once in a great while they have failed me--But, it's been maybe once out of twenty-five times, which I think is pretty good!
It seems to me so many things are like you experienced now---and as you said, WHEN might they have let you know??? Never, I guess!
Crossing fingers for you, my dear Pat!

Kim Ayres said...

We had a matress problem when we decided to go for a memory foam one - three times it got damaged in transit. Twice we had to send it back and the third time it got returned before it even reached us. Fortunately we got there in the end.

Hope your order works out this time

lom said...

Good luck Pat, I never seem to have any luck with mail order.

The Cloudcutter said...

You did a wise thing by opting for the refund. I hope they've put the money back into your account. I'm sure Amazon will come through.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Shopping online is the best thing that can happen for consumers.

Now, finally, people here can shop online too. I think it's wonderful, it will make [I hope] local retailers treat shoppers better [one day, I hope].

I hope Amazon does a good job.

Granny Annie said...

It is such a dilemma and angers me to no end. Hope your next order arrives safe and sound.

My surgery turned into two so I have been absent longer than expected but hopeful to catch up soon.

Mage said...

Yes, I too have had nothing but good luck with them. Now I have begun having confused deliveries with one of my book clubs. Arriving when I didn't order it sort of thing. Hope we both do better in the future.

Thanks too, for the lovely video of the queen. I've been here but couldn't note. Using a new computer today, and this seems to be working.


About Last Weekend said...

Most of our stuff comes from Amazon, but I am hopeless with any technology so I just give the list to my 15 year old son and its all done in his name. He has packages galore arriving for him every day, what a great way to start life - eh? Love a snuggly mattress topper, my Mum hooked me onto those...

Pat said...

Naomi:I'm very hopeful this time:)

Kim: cripes! What a palaver - glad you got there in the end.

LOM: just as well you are still fit enough to shop personally.

CC: I await my statement with avid interest:)

GG: the trouble is once one gets used to it. One becomes hooked.

Granny Annie: I am glad you are back and trust you will make a good recovery. Try to take it slowly.

ALW: oh to have a 15 year old on tap. Make hay while the sun shines:)

LL Cool Joe said...

You said I haven't been here for a while, so I came to check to see if this comment had gone through okay!

Btw They aren't on our Christmas card list anyway. ;)

Pat said...

Joey: don't mind me - I'm So demanding:)