Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Catching up

Jackie's Quilt.
Coffee with the girls today.  W tried to imagine what it must be like if we were on the 14th floor in New York with no power - so no lift, no phone, no TV, no fridge, no cooker.  Our thoughts are with the New Yorkers and our prayers.

Fifty odd years ago, when Jackie's daughter was moving into her first bed she wanted a quilt and the shot is of half ( now divided into two halves)of the quilt Jackie and her MIL crocheted for her.  The little girl chose the colours herself.  Jackie now has them as two very useful throws.

Joy was remembering when she and her late husband and two children lived in Rangoon in the early sixties where her husband was a river pilot and guided boats down the Rangoon river to the ocean.  One Japanese captain used to dole out apples and wanted to know why Mike didn't eat his.  Mike said he was taking it home for his children as they were unavailable.  The next time he saw the captain there was a large bag of apples for the family and Joy still keeps a doll - a present from the captain.
We had coffee and shortbread - fortunately before one of the cats lovingly licked the shortbread left on the coffee table.

It's MTL's birthday on Sunday and three times today I have raced downstairs to answer the door bell - three presents for himself - all delivered by three different posties. My present has yet to be delivered.  I must say Amazon could teach some of the other firms about delivery.
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OldLady Of The Hills said...

From everything I have heard "Sandy" was and still is---the worst storm New York City has ever seen since they began keeping records in the 1600's!!!!

Everyone I know in NYC and beyond, is "safe & sound", so they, I'm glad for that!

How lovely that your dear friend still has those two pieces...BEAUTIFUL Colors!!

I LOVE the Cat licking the!

Sounds like you all had a lovely time, my dear Pat.

Chef Files said...

Brilliantly narrated dear lady, as only you can. Cat.. shortbread.. brand new!

angryparsnip said...

What a lovely day and you have the most interesting friends.
Amazon does have the best shipping service. A real help for me who can't go out shopping every day.

cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Naomi: so glad your friends are safe.

Chef: you are very kind:)

Parsnip: me too - I'd recommend them any day of the week.


mapstew said...

Nice quilt. My Kate is knitting a patchwork throw as a Christmas pressie for one of her Nanas. She says the process is quite relaxing.

An early 'Breithl√° Shona' to Himself.



Kim Ayres said...

Amazon has saved my skin so many times :)

Gadjo Dilo said...

Are you sure they're all posties? Happy birthday to the fella!

Pat said...

Map: thank you for the wishes. what a lovely thing for Kate to do. Her Nana will treasure it.

Kim: glad to hear it:)

Gadjo: strictly speaking(two of them were of the fair sex)I suppose two of them were mail order deliverers.
Thank you on MTL's behalf.

LL Cool Joe said...

Amazon do a great job when they use the Royal Mail but I'm not impressed with their service when they use courier companies such as Yodal. They had me ripping out my hair and I haven't much of that left!

The Unbearable Banishment said...

I love that pic. I'll bet it's mesmerizing to work on something like that. The colors and patterns must make you dizzy.

NYC and New Jersey severely trashed. But on my way to work yesterday I saw a nail salon open! Think about that! You can kick us but you can't keep us down for too long.

Pearl said...

Cat-licked shortbread is among the best KINDS of shortbread. :-)

And how kind of that captain...


Pat said...

Joey: I shall be watching them carefully from now on. We can't have them affecting your coiffure:)

UB: it can be hard on the hands. I did a large rug which sits in our hall and it was tough to do.
Glad things are improving and hope the girls are reassured.

Pearl: with Liza and co you should know:)

lom said...

What the cat did't get a coffee to go with her shortbread?

kenju said...

Shortbread? Hmmmm.....haven't had that in a long while.

The quilt colors are something my granddaughters would have chosen; the 13 year old is getting her room painted pink and purple now.

Please tell hubs Happy Birthday from me; a fellow Scorpio.

kenju said...

P.S. My daughter used to live on the 19th floor of a building two blocks from the WTC site. I cannot imagine being stranded there due to flooding and having to walk up and down the stairs; to say nothing of being without power through the long night. We are glad she moved back to our town!

john.g. said...

My late mother crocheted a lot. Happy birthdat to MTL!

Mike and Ann said...

Dear Pat, please wish YTL many happy returns of Sunday from us both.
Warm Regards, Mike and Ann.

About Last Weekend said...

I love the look of that quilt - isn't it right that every colour goes with every colour when it's in a quilt? The apple story is so touching.

Marjolein said...

What a lovely quilt! I love those colours. And happy birthday to YTL!

Pat said...

Lom: who knows what those cats get up to in the kitchen. Coffes G&Ts...

Judy: better than my boys when teenagers just wanted it 'painted black'.
Thank you for the wishes - he would have reiprocated had he known -he does now.
It must be a relief and a pleasure to have your daughter close by.

John: lovely to have something she made around. MTl is touched by all the birthday wishes.

Mike and Ann: MTl says thank you:)

ALW: yes - rather like flowers that never seem to clash - whatever the colour.
Re the apple story I asked Joy if there was any bad feeling left over from the war and she said no.

Marjolein: thank you:)

AndrewM said...

The gaps in the comment box are always in the middle of your comments, Pat. Are you inadvertantly leaning on the Enter key or the Space Bar?

One glass of wine in the evening only, from now on.

Pat said...

Got it in one - minus the wine. I blame the jelly Angus gave me which encourages one to rest one's wrist all over the place.
I only drink at week-ends now. Mostly.
Thank God it's Friday.

savannah said...

perfect way to catch up with you, sugar! super nana still has the green and pink throw her grandma liz. my mom thought the color choices were fun and perfect for her favorite (and only granddaughter). now my g'daughter is named elizabeth and has the very same blanket on her crib.

Happy Birthday to your Dear Man from your pals across the pond. xoxooxo

Ponita in Real Life said...

Sounds like good memories were shared, Pat. I have several afghans crocheted by my mum and my grandma that are each many decades old. Plus I've crocheted a few myself. Might be time to do that again soon, but wonder how I'll keep the yard from getting tangled around Lila...

Happy Birthday to YTL, Pat!

The cat just licked the shortbread? In my house, Lila would have grabbed it off the table and hightailed it into a corner to eat the whole thing! Your cat seems very polite in comparison. ;-)

Pat said...

Savannah: it's the best kind of family heirloom. MTL thinks he is very lucky to have so many good wishes. xoxo

Ponita: I'm beginning to feel crocheted throw deprived:)
I'd love to see the reaction of the cats if you started one.
Jackie was out of reach when the cat did the lick and she told me to slap the cat . As if!!!!!
I spoke sternly to it.

Guyana-Gyal said...

First, please wish YTL the best of everything, good health and happiness for his birthday.

That is one amazing quilt. Stunning. It looks perfect for the cold weather.

I can survive a lot, but not the cold. ShiverrRrrrRRr. I feel it for the people in New York. I have friends and family living there.
I'm real glad Jamaica's survived Sandy.

The Cloudcutter said...

Gorgeous colours on the quilt and hope your hubby has great birthday. Has your present arrived?

Pat said...

GG: thank you. so far he has had a good day:)

CC: no and I'm getting worried. The money was taken from my account last week . I must get on the phone tomorrow.