Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Thrills and Spills

The Brownlee bros - Jonathan about to be penalised

It's not all plain sailing!

Jon or Al?

Wheel change

Posted by PicasaThe leading bunch including gold and bronze winners.


Granny Annie said...

"Thrills and Spills" is also the title of my life on the farm:)

Pat said...

Granny Annie: have you written it? If so I want to read it.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I didn't see any of the Triathilons here---IF they showed it, it may have been at some strange unGodly hour--Though I stay up to some very strange unGodly!
LOVE your reportage and pictures, Pat....There is so much to enjoy with these Olympics and for me, seeing London, once again, has been great!

Pat said...

Naomi: it is all a bit haphazard and finding a particular event is not easy as the data is quite old.
So I find myself watching events I know nothing about sometimes.

angryparsnip said...

Great photos.
How very exciting and I am not a huge Olympic watcher. Mostly because NBC has such bad coverage.

Don't you just love it when you find an event you know nothing about and find out wow this is great !

The Olympics is showing what a lovely country you get to live in and I wish I could visit more !
Le sigh.....

cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Parsnip: yes I found myself totally gripped by this. Unfortunately my battery ran out before the run.