Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Alice is a Gator

My granddaughter and Mum with a few supplies for her year at the University of Florida

I think that bunk is too high but Alice seems happy

Oooh good - some hanging space:)  Missing you already.
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Scarlet Blue said...

I doubt anything untoward will be going on in that top bunk, it's that height for good reason!
Hope she has a wonderful time - very exciting.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Will you be visiting her at some point?

Pat said...

Scarlet: I never thought of that but Alice has a TL in UK who she won't see until Christmas.
I wonder how many students fall out of bed?

UB: sadly it is unlikely but we are in regular communication and her parents are close by for the next week.

mapstew said...

Best of luck to Alice, and yes, I have to agree with Scarls! :¬)


Guyana-Gyal said...

I am so sorry I haven't been able to make it so I could also meet her parents.

But when I go there, I will call her...I should be there for one week. When my mother deigns to come upstairs from the garden, I will whow her these photos so when she goes back, they can meet.

How exciting!

Guyana-Gyal said...

P.S. It's the two-legged 'gators she must watch out for :-) They will looove her with her accent, and she's so pretty too.

john.g. said...

That's a high bunk!

angryparsnip said...

So much fun ! squishing everything in a small space...
Best of Luck with her year !

cheers, parsnip

OldLady Of The Hills said...

That Bunk looks to high to me, too..But, if your BEAUTIFUL Alice is Happy---Well, me too! I hope she has a fabulous year in Florida!And does not meet any Gators "close-up".....!

Granny Annie said...

Hope she is not a sleep walker:)

Pat said...

GG: I shall be jealous if Alice meets you before me.
I think she wil be quite good at fending off gators however many legs they have:)

Parsnip: I have to keep remembering the temperature will be so much warmer than here.

Naomi: I'm trying to persuade her to do a newsletter - for my benefit as much as anyone - but I guess she will have a certain amount of work to do:)
It's such a comfort to actually see her there.

Grnny Annie: DON'T!

Mage said...

Boy that top bunk doesn't even look as if you can turn over it in safely. Not enough room for a Florida state wardrobe either. :)

Great stuff gramma.

Pat said...

Mage: I know she is sharing with a very nice girl but do you think they have to share the wardrobe?

Marjolein said...

At least that is a proper closet! :) When I moved to my student room the closet was almost collapsing. Ended up tearing it out (checked with the landlord and the closets were so old we were allowed to take them down) and replaced it.

I hope she'll have a wonderful time there!

Pat said...

john: tell me about it:)