Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Meanwhile – Back at the Ranch.

Just had a gruelling time at the hygienists and the injections are just beginning to wear off so this will be brief. The assistant said I had an amazing skin – which softened the blow somewhat. It’s that uber strong light overhead which makes one glow.

Below are highlights of the garden last week. When I saw the exquisite photos that Kim has just taken (see side bar) I almost didn’t publish these but as Kim kindly said they are a record of my garden. But take a look at Kim’s and you’ll see what I mean.

I’m having coffee with Joy and Jackie tomorrow (today). Joy has been hors de combat with a gammy knee but a cortisone injection has done wonders so it will be good to catch up.


Scarlet Blue said...

Sorry to read about injections.
But, I am very much taken with your poppies - I wish poppies would last longer.

Pat said...

Scarlet: the poppies started out in the front garden and then I thought they were too garish so moved them to the kitchen bed but they are profuse and determined so I now have two poppy patches and have come to love them. I have grown those stunning blue ones you get in Scotland but they are temperamental and don't last. My favourites are those delicately tinted ones that look like Titania's evening dress.

Queenie said...

It is so NOT the overhead light, it's your amazing skin, the assistant is right, it glows all by itself. Hope the pain subsides soon.

R. Sherman said...

I shouldn't be embarrassed about the photos or the subjects thereof. Having such beauty around is certainly good for the soul.


Pat said...

Queenie: xoxox

Randall: thank you. That's better than four stabs in my lower jaw:)

mapstew said...

Your pics are great, as is your garden!

(I'm presuming it was the Dental Hygienist you were visiting!) :¬)


Kim Ayres said...

I remember your amazing skin when we met last year :)

Thank you for your kind words about my photos :)

We have some of those deep red poppies here, but their not out yet. And your irises are a much lighter purple than ours.

We don't have any roses though. We did have something that thought about it for a year or 2 after we moved here, then gave up, but it never had any real smell to it, and I love the smell of roses. Maggie says we can look out for some next time she drags me along to a garden centre

Pat said...

Mapstew: that's right - she thinks I must be 'run down'. Good job I go regularly. I must say apart from the injections she didn't hurt me.

Kim: I love roses but increasingly they seem to be losing their fragrance. MTL is lethal near them - he takes pricks from their thorns personally.
I hope you find one which will thrive and give you pleasure. I've just replaced my ancient 'New Dawn' with exactly the same Plant.

angryparsnip said...

You garden is lovely !
I grew the little white flower in Laguna Beach. We called it Santa Barbara Daisy and it was a fabulous filler plant. I miss it and the Poppies, Roses, Orchids and the Wild Violets I had that grew like weeds.
Your garden is Fabulous !

I keep subtracting plants in my Tucson Garden. Less is more here. I plant with a eye to the weather and water need.

cheers, parsnip

Eryl Shields said...

Hopefully by now all memories of jaw injections have faded to nothing.

Your garden is amazing and the photos look pretty good to me. I think I must get myself some aquilegia it looks very pretty. My garden is awash with creeping buttercup at the moment, but it's so cheery I've decided to let it stay, for now.

Pat said...

Parsnip: what you lose in plant variety you gain in wild life I think;)

Eryl: I was pleased that Mary Benger agrees with me that wild flowers are just as lovely as cultivated ones and when they mingle - it's the best. Aquilegia is a good idea.

Leigh Russell said...

I would have thought bright light would show up all the imperfections, so your skin must be even better than good!
Dentist - (shudder!) - but I suppose we'd be far worse off without them.

Pat said...

Leigh: dental hygienists are quite a recent thing round here but they seem to save the dentist a lot of work. I was surprised she could give local injections. I nearly said lethal injections. Must be you:)

Kevin Musgrove said...

Lovely garden Pat.

I adore aquilegias and by the book they ought to flourish in my garden but they never survive a season.

I absolutely need to buy a load of poppies.

Pat said...

Kevin: MTL always maintains aquilegia are prone to greenfly but not in my garden.
I wonder which poppies you'll choose?
So glad you like the garden.

Charlie said...

I'm wondering when some computer guru will invent smell-o-monitor for your garden.

You and Kevin should go easy on the poppies—you don't want to put the Afghans out of business.

Roses thrive here, but only in the sun for a very short time each day. They grow like weeds, and are difficult to kill. The loss of fragrance may have something to do with cross-breeding.

Pat said...

Charlie: didn't someone once invent smell-o-vision - round about the time of Mike Todd?

Guyana-Gyal said...

Abso-blooming-lutely gorgeous. Oh, I'm sighing with envy here. I want them, I want them all. Only problem is, this weather here. Not good, gentle tropical weather like we used to get in the past.

Pat said...

GG: I always imagine you to have exotic flora.