Sunday, June 20, 2010


May in her pinnie with the younger daughter off out.

May and Fred in their element

Christmas1949 May , Fred, Gran and three children.
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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, I went back and looked at the pictures again and when I clicked on them they DID get bigger. HOORAY! These are all treasures, Pat! I know you are glad you have them.

Oh, and I forgot to say I was reminded of how you and your dear MTL 'hike' sometimes and he meets you at the end just like your Dad would do with your Mum...Maybe it is something in the 'henes'

Pat said...

Naomi: so glad you got them bigger. Yes you are right about Dad and MTM. They say you become your mother in time:)

Kim Ayres said...

You can't half see the family likeness :)

The Cloudcutter said...

That's you on the far left of the last pic, right?

Pat said...

Kim: we all look a bit daft;)

CC: yes on the left hugging Mum.